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Printing errors mar mailed ballots in Oregon, Pennsylvania – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Workers check ballots at the election office in Clackamas County, Oregon. (AP photo / Gillian Fracus)

Printing mistakes have forced local election authorities in Pennsylvania and Oregon to redo the thousands of ballots mailed to them.

In Pennsylvania, where the GOP and U.S. Senate GOP preliminary elections are receiving national attention, Republican-friendly Lancaster County officials have printed the mailed ballot with the wrong ID code. Said that the scanning machine could not read them. The problem involved at least 21,000 mailed ballots, of which only one-third were properly scanned.

Glitch requires election workers to handwrite fresh ballots. This process is expected to take several days. Officials in the state’s sixth most populous county have promised that all ballots will eventually be counted.

At a press conference, Republican and county committee vice-chairman Josh Parsons said, “Citizens deserve accurate results from elections and do so on election nights rather than days later.” Stated. “But because of this, the final election results from these ballots will probably not be available for a few days. That’s very frustrating for us.”

In Oregon, where all registered voters receive mailed ballots, officials from one politically significant county are tackling a similar issue. More than half of the ballots sent to voters in Clackamas County, the third most populous state in the state, contained blurry barcodes that could not be read by ballot scans.

The team, including both Democrats and Republicans, duplicated all ballots, so they scanned them and took additional workers to help. In a statement, Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan said the issue in Clackamas County was “unacceptable,” but said he was confident that the final result would be accurate.

Pennsylvania and Oregon are among the five primaries on Tuesday, with Idaho, Kentucky, and North Carolina reporting slight morning delays at polling stations in three counties.

The misprint of the ballot mailed was the election day in Pennsylvania, where former President Donald Trump challenged the defeat to Joe Biden in 2020 and many Republicans repeatedly misrepresented the stolen elections. It was just one of several voting issues that burned into the air.

In Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, some polling stations have run out of ballots due to higher turnout than expected.

Amier Downs, a county spokeswoman, said he could not confirm reports that some voters were rejected, but said that all polling stations that needed additional ballots received them.

Allegheny County Councilor Sam Demarco, who also serves as Election Commissioner and County GOP Chair, said the situation added to the concerns some Republicans have about the voting process.

“It only gives them more reason to doubt the integrity of the election, and they can feel that things are against them,” he said.

Democratic Bethany Haram County Assemblyman, who also serves as Election Commissioner, said the lack of ballots is affecting both Republican and Democratic primaries.

“The election department is doing its best to predict the number of votes in each of the 1,323 constituencies in Allegheny County, but it’s not an accurate science,” said Haram. “We will use the shortfalls reported in this election to more accurately predict how many we will offer for the next election and strive to prevent future elections.”

Judges in Berks County, Pennsylvania said Tuesday after technical problems occurred in several places at the electronic polling stations used to check in polling stations, all polling stations were one hour later at 9 pm east. I ruled that it would remain open until. Voters arriving at the polling place after 8 pm are required to throw a provisional ballot instead of using a voting machine.

Miscoded postal ballots in Lancaster County renew attention to the 2019 state voting law passed with bipartisan support, significantly expanding Trump’s frequent target of voting by mail. Collected.

Local election authorities throughout the state have criticized some of the legal restrictions, especially those that prevent ballots mailed before the election day from being processed. This allows the county to immediately begin validating these ballots and begin identifying errors.

Ray Dagostino, president of Lancaster County, said the law was “unacceptable” for the county trying to hold the election.

County officials said the contractor, a Claysburg-based NPC in Pennsylvania, sent the county’s test ballot with the correct ID code, but used the wrong code for what was sent to voters. NPCs didn’t immediately respond to the message asking for comment, but D’Agostino said the company was “full responsibility.”

Ellen Lyon, a Pennsylvania spokesman, said no other county reported similar problems.

County electoral workers will need to recreate their voter selection with a blank ballot. Lancaster County, which surpassed Biden by about 16 percent in the 2020 presidential election, had to use a similar process in last year’s primary due to a printing error by another vendor who was later dismissed.

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