Prior to the Biden Putin meeting, Ukrainian leader Zelensky said the war with Russia could “become tomorrow at their home.”

Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine — When the President of Ukraine invites CBS News to visit the front lines of his country War with Russian-backed separatists, We were expecting a short trip in an armored car line to a muddy trench that left a blood scar on a wheat field in eastern Ukraine. With rye bread lard, salmon sashimi, homemade cookies and brandy shots, President Wolodimir Zelensky and his older parents did not expect to have a casual breakfast in a small Soviet-era kitchen.

The war in Ukraine has intensified since 2014, when protests in the capital Kiev defeated a friendly government in Moscow. Russia retaliated by sending troops across the border to seize control of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and supporting the rebellion of separatist forces in the east. The United Nations has killed more than 13,000 people after the Seven Years’ War.

The United States takes over the Zelensky administration Money, weapons, training.. But the president said he really wanted to support his country’s bid for the United States to join NATO. This fears that the United States could exacerbate tensions with Moscow.

U.S. military supports survival issues in Ukraine …


Just a few days ago President Biden Summit With Ukraine at the top of the agenda, along with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, we care about Zelensky about the conflict in his country, why ordinary Americans are thousands of miles away from their country. I asked if I should call.

“maybe Tomorrow at their house“He told us.

It may sound ridiculous, but experts say Russian hackers Use Ukraine as a test site Including attacks on the power grid — when tens of thousands of Russian troops rallyed on the Ukrainian border earlier this year before adopting similar tactics in the United States, some only scared it to US allies. Not the United States and its allies.

“Forgotten war”


President Zelenskyy grew up in a time when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and grew up in a Russian-speaking family. Some of his early days were spent in the Mongolian city of Erdenet, which was then outside the Soviet Empire. His father, Olexandre, a professor of computing, was sent there to teach.

Like many Ukrainians, Zelensky believes that Vladimir Putin has a new empire’s ambition for Russia to regain control of its neighbors.

“They don’t want us to be free,” he told CBS News.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visits Donbas
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with CBS News correspondent Holly Williams on June 9, 2021 when he visited the forefront of Ukraine’s Donbus in a war with Russian-backed separatists. Walk to.

President of Ukraine / Distribution / Anadolu Agency / Getty

Zelenskyy, as a comedian in his own production company, has begun a surprising path to the presidency. He played the fictional Ukrainian president fighting the corrupt oligarchs in the popular television series Servant of the People.

It served as a starting point for his own very realistic political career. One of Zelenskyy’s office priorities is the fight against widespread corruption.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (center) speaks with Holly Williams on CBS News in June 2021 over breakfast at his parents’ home in the foreground in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.


While having breakfast, Zelensky, an only child, said his parents were “always” worried about him since he was named one of Ukraine’s best jobs.

In a country where corruption is widespread and the large nuclear power plant next door is the number one enemy, I asked the president’s parents whether they prefer comedy or politics as their son’s career path.

“Maybe comedy suits my taste,” his father replied with a bitter smile.

Prior to the Biden Putin meeting, Ukrainian leader Zelensky said the war with Russia could “become tomorrow at their home.”

Source link Prior to the Biden Putin meeting, Ukrainian leader Zelensky said the war with Russia could “become tomorrow at their home.”

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