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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-07-19 14:03:57 –

Illustration by Brian Paul Nelson

After more than a year of pandemic hand hygiene, are you suffering from frayed cuticles, hangnail, or dry, rough skin? You are not alone.

According to Linda Vaux, who recently opened her outpost Best of Atlanta-winning Les Mains Nail Bars At Works, “Many people haven’t had a manicure for more than a year, and frequent hand-washing has increased problems such as anxiety and water loss, causing hangnail by hand.” Here are some of the fixes:

Caring for the cuticle
Repair the torn cuticle with argan oil, vaseline, or a similar ointment. Vo suggests applying a thin layer with a cotton swab just before the bed to block moisture overnight.

Layer on lotion
“Always keep your hands moisturized, especially as antibacterial soaps and disinfectants dry your hands,” she says. “Put the lotion in a bag and squeeze it a little by hand each time you wash it.” She likes Beautycounter’s citrus mimosa hand cream, but drugstore brands like CeraVe work as well.

Please hurry
Her spa sells $ 6 Voesh collagen gloves, but by layering old towels and mittens with heavy moisturizers containing obstructive ingredients such as petrolatum and ceramide, heating them in the microwave, and then wrapping them around your hands. You can DIY. Vos recommend sliding them for 10 to 15 minutes, perhaps just before bedtime, to maximize overnight hydration.

This article appeared in the July 2021 issue.

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