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Tucson, Arizona 2022-06-24 19:57:00 –

Tucson (KVOA)-Dozens of professional life rallies are held nationwide, including here in Tucson.

Many attendees come from churches and faith-based organizations that agree with the Supreme Court that the groundbreaking abortion case is “terribly wrong and in the process of clashing from the day the Constitution was decided.” ..

While pro-life advocates are celebrating, they know there is still work to be done as the debate moves to individual states.

“This is not a victory. This is a victory,” said Bob Poson. “It’s progress. I’m cautiously optimistic. Eventually America as a country will be completely abortion-free.”

A retired school teacher, Poson has been an advocate of professional life for 40 years. He helped organize the rally outside of Tucson’s planned parent-child relationship. At the same place, Pamela Anderson says he met a young woman who was thinking of having an abortion. Anderson is happy to share, the baby is now one year old and her family is thriving.

“We all came around to her. We prayed for her and loved her. We helped her boyfriend get a job the next day,” Anderson said. I did. “She told me her last Mother’s Day, she said her greatest gift in her life was this child.”

Many men appeared, some with a sign stating, “Men regret having lost their paternity.”

“Men are also people. Fathers are affected by abortion. Half of the babies in the womb are about men, which is a mental problem,” said Roni Glad. “It’s important for both men and women. It’s also important for men to stand up.”

“I’m glad that my life was saved today,” said Bill Anderson.

The organizers of Prolife have stated that the Supreme Court’s ruling does not end the debate or their efforts now that they have moved to individual states.

Pro-life rally held in Tucson | News Source link Pro-life rally held in Tucson | News

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