Procession on Friday to honor Sgt. Minkevitch – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-02-23 17:00:22 –

Newton, Kansas (KSNW) – Newton police recently died on a Facebook page on Tuesday, Sgt. Levi Minkevitch wants to provide an opportunity to pay homage to the community by lining up the lines of the procession during Levi’s final patrol.

Sergeant of the Newton Police Station, Levi Minkevic, Died in an ATV crash Last Wednesday in Harvey County. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, he was driving a 2014 Can-Am ATV in a ditch about 0.5 miles east of Harvest Hill Road on Dutch Avenue. In a stream. Minkevic was taken to Newton Medical Hospital, where he was sentenced to death.

Newton police said on their Facebook page: “The procession begins on Friday, February 26, at about 11:45 am southeast 14th and near Kansas. The procession goes north north and then east on East Broadway. Community members You have been invited to line up a procession route to show support for Levi, his family, and the law enforcement community.

The entire Newton Police and Law Enforcement Community is truly grateful for the heartfelt support our community has provided. Levi was, in many ways, a strength of our department, and it is clear from the overflow of love and support that he has influenced so many of our communities as well. Our deep condolences, thoughts, and prayers are constantly extended to Levi’s family and friends. “

Newton police shared that a commemorative account was opened at Entrust Bank for Sergeant Levi Minkevic’s family. Donations can be sent to:
Levi Minkevic Sergeant Memorial Fund
Entrust Bank
128E Broadway
Newton, Kansas, 67114

Donations can be mailed to the address above or deposited directly with Intrust Bank. All funds will be used to support the family. The family also welcomes donations in the name of Levi’s to Newton’s Safe Hope.

Procession on Friday to honor Sgt. Minkevitch Source link Procession on Friday to honor Sgt. Minkevitch

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