Professor Johns Hopkins believes COVID-19 will be “almost gone” by April, but other experts are not convinced so. – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-02-22 11:15:45 –

so Wall Street Journal Opinion Piece Johns Hopkins, a medical professor, believed on Sunday that the United States could reach “herd immunity” within a few months, saying “COVID is almost gone by April and Americans can resume normal life.” I predicted.

Dr. Marty Makari’s opinion piece cites a recent decline in case rates as evidence that the United States is approaching herd immunity. His findings come as a welcome sign to Americans who are fed up with pandemics, in stark contrast to the views held by the highest health authorities of both the Trump and Biden administrations.

In The Wall Street Journal, McCulley said new cases of COVID-19 have decreased by 77% in the last six weeks. surely, COVID tracking project Note that the 7-day moving average for the daily case dropped from about 250,000 per day in mid-January to about 64,000 per day on Sunday.

Dr. Rochelle Warrensky, director of the CDC, said the case rate declined in recent months as Americans more easily adopted social distance measurements, but McCulley said the United States was approaching the level of innate immunity. Said that. He claimed that the COVID-19 test captured only “10% to 25% of infections.” This means that nearly 55% of Americans are already naturally immune to the virus.

McCulley also said that the number of people immune to the virus will increase in the coming months as more Americans are vaccinated. He quoted former Food and Drug Director Scott Gottlieb’s estimate that 250 million doses would be delivered to about 150 million people by the end of March.

“Because more people are infected and most are mild or asymptomatic, fewer Americans are infected,” McCulley writes. “In the current trajectory, I think COVID will be almost gone by April and Americans will be able to resume normal life.”

But other top health authorities are not as optimistic as McCulley.On Sunday, Gottlieb said CBS Face the Nation He said he did not expect the United States to reach “true” herd immunity, and said COVID-19 would continue to circulate among populations, albeit at much lower levels.

“I don’t think we’ll reach full herd immunity,” Gottlieb said. “It doesn’t look like measles or smallpox. COVID will continue to circulate at low levels.”

Last year, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top expert in infectious diseases in the United States, made a similar statement. In an interview with the Tuberculosis Alliance in July, Forch said he “I don’t really see us eradicated” COVID-19.. He cited the ability of the virus to spread from person to person and the wide range of symptoms it can cause.

“I have never seen a widespread infection in a significant proportion of the population that is literally asymptomatic. From those who get sick with mild symptoms to those who get sick enough to sleep for a few weeks. Until, “he said. .. “Others are hospitalized and require oxygen, intensive care, ventilation, and death. Their involvement with the same pathogen is very unique.”

Fauci and other health professionals say that even when the United States reaches herd immunity, Americans “will need to continue to wear masks for.”Numbers, months.. On Sunday, Fauci said he expected Americans to wear masks. In 2022..

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