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Professor opposes vaccine obligations – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-10-20 17:47:37 –

LBCC Professor Nick Carbonaro will talk live with Leslie Mitchell of Long Beach Parents United on Thursday about the university’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations proposed on Thursday. Carbonaro spoke with Mitchell the day after the board postponed voting for a resolution implementing this policy in the spring of 2022. (screenshot)

LBCC professor Nick Carbonaro opposed the proposed COVID-19 vaccine requirement for students and faculty members at an Instagram live with Long Beach Parents United (LBPU) on Thursday.

The live was held the next day The board has decided to postpone the vote On a resolution requiring LBCC students and faculty members to be fully vaccinated for face-to-face lessons next spring.

Carbonaro said he was pleased that the board decided to postpone the vote in a conversation with Leslie Mitchell of LBPU, an organization that opposes the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for children. rice field.

“I think it’s one of the biggest votes Long Beach College has ever voted for,” Carbonaro said.

“I can’t vote for such a big issue because the details are unclear and I don’t know the current sentiment of the members,” he added.

Carbonaro criticized the resolution that the language was ambiguous and said it was unclear whether students studying entirely online would need to be vaccinated.

Carbonaro said the mandatory vaccine has a negative impact on both professors and students in the university community.

“If you remove that option (face-to-face class) for students who are obliged to vaccinate, they may not come to school next year.”

“They may take off in the spring of 2022, saying,’I’ll decide until the vaccine turns out to be safe.’ It relies on student enrollment in those additional classes. What do we do for our adjunct professors? … it’s a ripple down effect, and I’m not sure if the board takes that into account, “Carbonaro continued.

Mitchell believes the vote will affect the entire city of Long Beach, including children enrolled in LBUSD kindergarten to high school.

“LBCC is essentially a Long Beach school,” Mitchell said. “Our children at LBUSD are promised to cover two years of tuition when they graduate from high school …. This doesn’t just affect professors and students. This really does. Affects everyone on Long Beach. “

The resolution states that if a student is not fully vaccinated, he or she will be considered absent from class without excuse.

Employees who have not been fully vaccinated or have received the required booster shots are also considered absent without vacation.

“Threat someone’s work over potential boosters that haven’t happened yet … shouldn’t be a condition of employment,” Carbonaro said.

If the resolution is passed, Carbonaro said it would see it as an opportunity to “hold the line.”

“I feel I have the right to a religious exemption … I definitely have religious problems with vaccines and how they are made,” Carbonaro said.

The Board will meet on Thursday, October 21, at 5:30 pm to address agenda items 4.3 (update COVID-19 response) and 5.7 (resolution, COVID-19 vaccination).

According to emails sent to the campus community, this conference will provide more time for public comments.

LBPU encourages Instagram followers to leave comments against the resolution and contact members of the board by email and phone. All public comments must be submitted by 2 pm Thursday.

Click to watch the live stream of the special meeting here..

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