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Project Happiness LSMO encourages others, gives signs of hope – Kansas City, Missouri

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Lee’s Summit, Missouri — Since 2016, Jennifer Hansinger has bought a blank garden sign and filled it with words of encouragement.

“I thought that if I could put a positive message in the yard of my neighborhood house, I would be able to connect people and distract them from the differences,” Hansinger said.

It’s called Project Happiness LSMO

“We know that these words on these simple signs make a difference to people, and we’ll keep going,” Hansinger said.

In 2020, she saw more interest.

People will just come and pick them up. “We had 30-40 signs every day, but they had disappeared by the afternoon of the day,” Hansinger said. “People contacted me and wanted a sign, so the end of the driveway. Please put a sign on the road and take the sign with you. ” Because people wanted that encouragement, their kindness, their hope. “

She and her daughters Georgia and Charlotte showed more than 1,500 signs last summer.

“It’s a lot of fun and I want to share my message,” Hansinger said.

“One year I made a sign that you are a goat, and my mother said no one would know what it meant, and I said,” Everyone does what it is You know what it means, “said Charlotte with a smile. “That’s my favorite and everyone loves the GOAT sign.”

Many may say that the family is a goat-the best ever.

Hansinger’s neighborhood garden is full of uplifting words.

“Oh, I love it, they make me happy,” Hansinger said. “Even when I’m driving down the street, I slow down to see them all.”

Currently, she encourages individuals, groups and organizations to work with them to write their own meaningful messages for sharing.

“There are people who are suffering and suffering, and they need to know that there are people who care,” Hansinger said.

“We want them to value them,” added her daughter, Charlotte.

And sometimes, a simple reminder to “Shine Bright” can make a dark day better.

“Maybe they haven’t heard such kind words, so if they drive our city and see one of those signs, it may make their day better, and That’s the feedback we’ve heard from our community, and we’ll just keep going. “

Project Happiness LSMO is now a 501c organization and has supported a variety of organizations that help people in need.

  • They raised $ 1,800 for Foster Adopt Connect to buy new shoes for the foster parent program.
  • They helped pay off their lunch debt at Richardson Elementary School
  • They helped Paws for Autism, a local group that helps raise animals to work with children with autism.
  • They helped sponsor the adoption of the Pitbull rescue in Missouri
  • They bought a fridge for Cold Water’s No Hungry Kids Program

Create signs or, if necessary, to fund the supply of signs, Visit the project website..

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Project Happiness LSMO encourages others, gives signs of hope Source link Project Happiness LSMO encourages others, gives signs of hope

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