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Greenwood Village, Colorado — Next month was Mental Health Awareness Month, a long time for those suffering from mental health problems.

Later this month, a Denver-based non-profit organization called Project Helping Virtual fundraising activities Supports mental health innovation.

For the Bales family in Greenwood Village, the message cannot be exaggerated enough.

“It’s fashionable,” said Maria Bales, who lost her teenage son to suicide. “One in five struggles, and Nick lost three friends by suicide along the way.”

There is no doubt that Nick Bales made a lasting impression on the world.

“He was a very creative kid, a very fun kid, a very affectionate kid,” said Maria Bales. “Very smart — entrepreneurs are completely from the bottom of their hearts.”

But the most influential people sometimes leave the biggest gaps.

“He was a lacrosse player, a hockey player, and a very loyal friend,” Maria said.

On the outside, life was a perfect picture for a child in Greenwood Village. He was handsome, popular, athletic and creative. Nick has launched his own clothing line called BTR, Brought to Reality.

“Streetwear for the cause,” said Nick’s dad, Will Bales.

But his family is now deeply aware that Nick is suffering from anxiety, depression, and the pain of seeing some of his classmates kill him. Still, Maria and Will Bales never imagined it would happen to Nick.

“Never expected this to happen in our wildest dreams,” Maria said.

“I repeat it many times in my head every day, and it’s difficult,” Will said.

Will Bales said he frequently took Nick to treatment — the intervention methods they are now aware of were at best ineffective.

“One of the biggest problems with teenage mental health is that it depends on every child,” Will said. “We know Nick wore a mask very well. He was straight as his fourth grader.”

“If I could come back, I would have sat next to him and hugged him, and I would have said it was okay,” Maria said. “You will be okay, and I would just hold his hand and squeeze him, and I would tell him,” It’s okay. ” All I could do was stay there for him, love him, and let him know that he was loved. He is not alone. “

Bales is currently promoting alternative therapies such as horseback riding.

“What if Nick could work with the horse and that was enough to take him to that place and bring him back to reality?”

Bales also likes to promote volunteering through places like Project Helping, a non-profit organization that connects people to volunteer opportunities. This can help volunteers tackle their mental health challenges.

Bale’s believes that there is a better way if we listen to the people who are suffering the most.

“Their brains tell them they are worthless, not enough, insignificant, unloved,” Maria said. “And what Project Helping is doing is that when you volunteer and sign up, you’ll find that you’re helping others. There’s this whole sympathetic piece. I think it’s what someone really needs to know that I’m helping someone else, and that others are grateful, and that it really uplifts one’s spirit. . “

“The treatise behind it is when someone is having a hard time and can help someone else along the way,” Will said. “It makes them feel good about helping that person, knowing that they are being helped. But they also get some of the treatments they need from it. They make friends when they participate in these projects. They are aware that there is an entire group of people who are struggling. “

As for its clothing line, BTR, it has now taken off since Nick’s death — something his mom and dad can’t be proud of anymore.

“I know Nick’s legacy is moving,” Will said. “Consciousness is born.”

“Unfortunately we are sitting here asking what to do, and one of the big points we want to help people is that we don’t have to ask what they will be.”

The virtual project support fundraising activity is called Limelight 2021 and is scheduled for Thursday, April 22nd. This ticket option..

If you or anyone you know needs help, call the Colorado Suicide Crisis Line at 1-800-784-2433.

Project Helping virtual event this April aims to examine mental health, suicide crisis in Colorado Source link Project Helping virtual event this April aims to examine mental health, suicide crisis in Colorado

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