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A retired Sacramento dentist, philanthropist and humanitarian, Dr. Herbert Yee received the President’s Volunteer Service Award at the ceremony on July 25, 2020.

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Dr. Herbert E, a resident of Southland Park, is a retired dentist, philanthropist and humanitarian who died on June 26 at the age of 96.

A Chinese immigrant, graduated from Sacramento High School in June 1942, and a World War II veteran, Herbert engaged in many activities in his life to improve the lives of others. Did.

He was also a member of the American Legion Post 692, Lions Clubs District 4 C5, Sacramento Pioneer Association, Satter Club, and Del Paso Country Club.

David Yee, one of Herbert’s grandchildren, told Landpark News last week that he thought his grandfather was a “Renaissance man.”

“He always said he was wearing a variety of hats, not just dentistry, but business, banking, real estate, etc.,” he said. “He was involved in organizations of all kinds. He was not only the leader of the Chinese community, but he really got over it.

“He was reassured with Ronald Reagan and then with a new immigrant from China at the E-Family Association.”

Alan Yi, one of Herbert’s sons, said last week that his father’s life story is one of achieving the American dream.

“He was able to accomplish quite a lot,” he said. “It doesn’t sound a bit exciting these days, but I think he was part of the American dream of coming to America and achieving greatness from just effort and education.”

Born in Guangdong, China in 1924, Herbert spent most of his life in Sacramento.

His entry into the United States was via the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service on Angel Island, arriving on May 1, 1931 at the age of six.

Herbert recalled in 2014 that tens of thousands of immigrants arrived on Angel Island on the west coast of the United States between 1910 and 1940.

“I came to Sacramento in 1931 on President (SS) Cleveland,” he said. “It was a (steam) ship and it took almost three weeks to cross the sea (to the United States). We were from Hong Kong.”

Herbert spent a week on Angel Island with his mother Ham Wee and his younger brother Calvin before spending many years in the California capital.

Sacramento herbalist and Herbert’s father Henry Yi sent his son Paul to China and took his wife and two other sons to the United States. He later earned enough money for Herbert’s two sisters, Susong and Sumei, to come to the United States.

Herbert grew up in praise of his father. His father eventually obtained a chiropractor license and was a leader in the Chinese and American communities.

Also important to Herbert was his rich history in Sacramento and Fiddletown, once the largest Chinatowns in states other than San Francisco.

Herbert’s great-grandfather, Yee Fung Cheung, opened in Fiddletown in 1851 and also in Sacramento, Nevada and Virginia City.

He was the father of Dr. T. Wah Hing, a Sacramento doctor and surgeon who arrived in Sacramento with Herbert’s father in 1906.

Henry taught Herbert the importance of education, and under the initiative of his father, Herbert graduated from Stanford University’s College of Doctors and Surgeons as a dentist and eventually worked as a dentist for more than half a century.

During some of that time, he was the official dentist for the staff of California Governor Pat Brown and Ronald Reagan.

Herbert became the first overseas Chinese to build a school in China near his village in 1981. He also built a cultural center and library in the same area in 2007.

He also served as president of the Sacramento China Charity Association, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Association, and Yee Fung Toy Family Association.

Herbert also spent time as a counselor on the American Dental Association’s Dental Education Council, a member of the board of directors of the Sacramento County American Cancer Society and the California State Railroad Museum, and a district governor of Lions Club District 4, C5. It was.

As President of the International College of Dentists, he advanced his education and established relations with China and Vietnam in difficult political situations.

In a 2012 interview with Landpark News, Herbert, who attended the Confucius Chinese School in Sacramento, explained his long-standing involvement in supporting educational progress and his overall love for education.

“My love is in education,” he said. “I built a school in China. That’s education. I’m a board member at the University of the Pacific. That’s education. I love Chinese schools. That’s education. (California) Exhibiting at the Railroad Museum. I’m still on the board, 32 years. And it’s education about trains, transportation. I have a hologram about the history of our family at the California Museum. So it’s education.
“Fiddletown has my great-grandfather’s herb shop.”

At the time of his death, Herbert was the commander of the GungHo American Legion Post No. 696, which was formed and chartered in 1946.

Freeman Lee, who was hired by Herbert in 2014 to prevent a post from being absorbed into another post due to a small number of members, recently described his best friend as “kind, polite, compassionate, and entertaining.” It’s generous. “

Freeman also shared a humorous memory associated with the fact that Herbert continued to drive until the 90s.

“(Once) he took us to the Del Paso Country Club on Highway 160 and was driving in two lanes, so the car couldn’t pass,” he said. “He casually said,’They have to be careful of me.'”

“Dr. Herbert E will be truly missed,” Lee concludes.

Herbert has won many awards throughout his life. Among his most cherished awards was a parliamentary gold medal in recognition of his achievements as a Chinese-American in World War II.

He joined the Army at the age of 20 and served in the Army Dental Corps from 1944 to 1945.

The Congressional Gold Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded by the United States Congress, are the highest citizen awards in the United States.

When receiving the medal last January, Herbert said that of the 20,000 Chinese-Americans who participated in the war, about 200 Chinese-American veterans of World War II survived in the United States. It was one of them.

Following the presentation of the Congressional gold medal, Herbert described the medal as very meaningful to himself and his family.

“We value it forever,” he said. “We keep it, love it, and pray for it. And I am very happy to thank you for your kindness and loyalty to our country here. God will make us all forever. And may you bless me forever. “

About six months ago, Herbert received the President’s Volunteer Service Award. This is a Citizen’s Award from the President of the United States that recognizes individuals whose service has had a positive impact on communities across the country and those who encourage others to participate. action.

Herbert’s commitment to service was also recognized for being inducted into the California Board of Education Foundation Hall of Fame and recognized as a Humanitarian of the Year by the California Dental Association.
In an interview in this article last week, Herbert’s son Wesley Yee shared his thoughts on his father.

“He had eyesight,” he said. “He could see that many didn’t know what would happen. That helped him invest in real estate. He also had great charisma to exude him. He loves talking to people, so he always says he’s a very person, but he also has a very good business sense. “

Among many of Herbert’s friends were those who met him many mornings in Laboo near the Sacramento Zoo. He also had many friends at the Sutter Medical Center.

Alan Yi said last week that among the many loves of his father, his greatest love was his love for his family.

Among many other Herbert families are his two sons (originally four), four daughter-in-laws, nine grandchildren, and eighteen great-grandchildren. His family also included his wife, Ines, who died before him in 2016. They have been married for 71 years.

A private gathering is planned for Herbert this month, and the family expects a public celebration to celebrate his life this fall.

Donations in memory of Dr. Herbert E can be made to ACC Senior Services, the California State Railroad Museum, or any charity.

Prominent South Land Park resident Dr. Herbert Yee dies at 96 Source link Prominent South Land Park resident Dr. Herbert Yee dies at 96

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