Promote US Open Reexamination of 2020 Voting as an Effort to “Handcuff” Democracy | 2020 US Presidential Election

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Conservative activists across the United States are trying to review the 2020 vote more than six months after the election. Experts say the move is at the heart of America’s democratic process in 2020. It’s a dangerous attempt to continue to sow doubts about the outcome of the elections.

Backed by an unplanned review of the 2.1 million ballots underway in Arizona, activists are driving Arizona’s voting or ballot review. California, Georgia, Michigan, And New Hampshire..

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, a leading speaker in the recently hired State House of Representatives Former law enforcement officerIncluding those containing, Republican support history, Spend the next three months investigating fraudulent allegations. At least one of the hired officers has a background in supporting the Republican claim.Announcement later State officials announced They found 27 possible scams out of the 3.3 million votes cast in 2020.

Reviews do not show that the 2020 election results will change or that very rare fraud is widespread. Nonetheless, the conservative activists behind this effort, many of whom have little election experience, have defended the review in an attempt to alleviate concerns that the 2020 elections were stolen. Proponents say they only help build confidence in elections if no surveys come out.

But experts see more dangerous things happening. Continuing to review elections, especially after the results are finalized, could exacerbate conspiracy theories and undermine the authority of legally elected officials, they say. Once the election results are proved by state authorities, it has long been considered final, and it is unprecedented to continue investigating the results months after the civil servant’s oath. They are worried, even though they believe their officials are legally selected.

“It is either intentional or unconscious to try to handcuff democratic autonomy,” said David Becker, executive director of the Election Research Center.

This effort happens at the same time that Republican parliaments across the country are pushing for new restrictions to limit access to voting. Republicans have often stated that new restrictions are needed to regain confidence in elections because they cannot show evidence of serious misconduct.

In New Hampshire Activist tried Audit in the town of Wyndham, which has a population of 15,000, in an attempt to resolve legitimate differences in the total number of votes cast by state representatives. They tried to pressure the authorities to resign an experienced auditor, but failed. Jovan PulitzerThe conspiracy theorists involved in Arizona reportedly talk about a person who has become a kind of celebrity among those who believe the elections have been stolen. Despite the lack of evidence of fraud by experienced auditors, activists have continued to disseminate unfounded theories about fraud on Telegram channels after the audit.

“Today there is no evidence of fraud. Today there is no evidence of digital manipulation of machines,” said election expert and auditor Hari Husty this week. T. According to WMUR“It’s amazing how disinformation and dishonest coverage are widespread.”

Activists are also pressing officials in Cheboygan County, Michigan, to hire lawyers. Partnership with Sidney Powell, an ally of Trump, who filed unfounded proceedings after the election, audits election equipment.Commissioner Committee Chair told The Detroit News He couldn’t remember A more controversial issue that has been discussed in the board for over 20 years.

Michigan’s efforts have sent a letter from the chief executive officer of the state’s electoral authorities. He warned clerks in Cheboygan and Antrim counties, another hotbed of conspiracy theories, that the board of directors has no authority to order audits or hand over election equipment to unlicensed outside companies. , The Washington Post reportedMichigan 250 audits After the 2020 race that affirmed the result.

Dominion’s voting system, which sold the equipment to the state, also warned that if the county handed over the machine to an uncertified auditor, it could become unusable in future elections.

“There are all reasons for transparency,” Jocelyn Benson, head of state elections, said in an interview. “But this is not the case. As evidenced many times by the actions of these individuals, this is about effort. Arizona Elsewhere, this is an attempt to actually spread false alarms and false alarms in the guise of transparency. “

San Luis Obispo County, on the coast of central California, is another target for audit calls. At a meeting earlier this month, authorities sent hours of recorded messages calling for an audit. Was a member Of the Communist Party.

Activists are also targeting another location, Fulton County, Georgia, which was the center of Trump’s groundless election attack last year. In early May, local judges conspired to assassinate 9/11 and JFK. A group led by Garland Favorito, who reportedly promoted the theory, You can view the absentee ballotHowever, with a significant interruption from the Arizona review, the judge revealed that the actual ballot must be under the control of the county authorities. Georgia has already Manually recounted All ballots in the state confirming Joe Biden’s victory over Trump last year.

Even in Arizona, the royal road to the audit movement, activists may plan to conduct further audits after the current review of 2.1 million ballots has been completed.Republicans are in the final stages of planning to use untested software to analyze ballot images, Arizona Republic Reported on friday..

“Although losers rarely believe in their defeat, historically all legal measures have been exhausted,” said Tammy Patrick, a former election manager in Maricopa County and now a senior adviser to the Democratic Fund. And those who fail will give generously.

“The surge in these actions is weakening and eroding the very foundation of election integrity, and our enemies just sit and watch as they gradually undermine our democratic norms. We should tell the truth to American voters. Elections were honest, with actual audits and recounts, and court complaints. “

Promote US Open Reexamination of 2020 Voting as an Effort to “Handcuff” Democracy | 2020 US Presidential Election

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