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Proposed high speed rail line will not have a stop in downtown Greenville – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – Imagine being able to catch a high-speed train from Upstate to Atlanta or Charlotte. The plan is moving forward as the people working on the project are currently choosing the best route. But if you wanted to get on this train at the city boundaries, you might be disappointed.

As a result of public opinion and environmental impact assessment, the Georgia Department of Transportation, along with the Federal Railroad Administration, found what they believed to be the best route for high-speed rail.

“I think it’s still very early in the planning phase, but it’s exciting for Upstate and the region as a whole,” said Michelle Newman, GSP’s Communications Manager.

It’s called the Greenfield Corridor, which connects Atlanta to Charlotte. Stations include Anderson and GSP, but not downtown Greenville. The decision is getting a mixed review.

“It’s a problem going from airport to airport. When you come to the middle of the city, it can be rewarded and people are more likely to use it,” said Paul, who is visiting Greenville. Arrietty says. Said.

“When I travel anyway, I feel like more people are coming to downtown. It’s closer to downtown hotels than GSP hotels,” said Joshua Jones, who lives in Upstate.

Jones says he travels frequently to big cities and doesn’t want to drive.

“Traffic may be a bit bad, I just hate construction,” Jones said.

Some say that an additional trip to the area would be good for the area, no matter where it stops.

“I think it’s great for traveling by plane, and it’s great just to take people from the train destination to the airport,” said Jordan Little, who lives in Upstate.

But for this growing city, some say it’s important to stop near downtown.

“When I look at green buildings, they shouldn’t skip green buildings. Green buildings should be one of the stopovers,” says Arieti.

The next step in the project is Tier 2 Environmental Impact Assessment. However, the funds to achieve that have not yet been secured.There is a 30-day waiting period to wait for further comments This proposal..

Proposed high speed rail line will not have a stop in downtown Greenville Source link Proposed high speed rail line will not have a stop in downtown Greenville

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