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Prosecution witnesses detail investigation into George Floyd’s death – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-04-08 08:27:34 –

Minneapolis — Former police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee placement on George Floyd and Floyd’s statement to police officers on Wednesday’s testimony, even when prosecution witnesses began to become more technical about investigating Floyd’s death. It became the focus. The proceedings on Thursday are expected to be after 10 am Eastern Standard Time.

WARNING: The video clip above contains the language and description of the situation that is difficult to hear.

Chauvin faces two and three murders with Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020. A bystander outside the Minneapolis Cup Foods captured the scene in a video. It was widely shared on social media and showed Chauvin on Floyd’s neck and back for almost nine minutes.

Armed forces experts and state investigators told a Minneapolis court on Wednesday that Chauvin seemed to have knees on Floyd’s neck all the time he was handcuffed and lying on the ground. It was. The defense asks witnesses, showing still images from the camera of the police officer wearing them from different angles, and asking if Chauvin’s knees appear to be on the shoulder blades instead of Floyd’s neck. It was.

Attorney Eric Nelson introduced the images from the training document. This seems to indicate an operation involving a police officer who puts his knees on the upper back of the subject.

Sergeant Jody Steiger, a prosecution expert witness belonging to the Los Angeles police, said in his expert opinion that Floyd was at risk of injury and death after being handcuffed to the ground. I shouldn’t have used my power. ” .. He also repeatedly replied that he believed that Chauvin’s knees were “on the shoulder blades” of Floyd’s neck, he told Nelson.

A recurring statement by Special Agent James Rayerson of the Minnesota Criminal Arrest Bureau.

He testified in his opinion, and as part of the investigation he led, that Chauvin’s knee “appears to be behind Mr. Floyd’s neck.”

Nelson also asked Steiger and Ryerson about a short 10-second clip of the worn camera footage, including a muffled statement from Floyd. Steiger said he couldn’t understand because the voice wasn’t clear.

Nelson asked Riason if Floyd could have said, “I ate too much medicine.”

Ryerson replied that it was possible.

However, he was returned to the stand after being allowed to see longer clips of the segment depending on the situation. He said Floyd sounds like he’s answering a policeman’s question about whether he’s taking drugs, saying, “I’m not taking drugs.”

The prosecutor also called a forensic scientist to the stand and said the tablets were found in both police cars and SUV floyds. They testified that the tablets contained methamphetamine and fentanyl.

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