Prosecutors criticize school officials after deadly shooting in Michigan: NPR

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald will address the media on Friday at her office in Pontiac, Michigan.

Detroit Free Press via Eric Seals / AP

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Detroit Free Press via Eric Seals / AP

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald will address the media on Friday at her office in Pontiac, Michigan.

Detroit Free Press via Eric Seals / AP

Lansing, Michigan — A prosecutor overseeing a lawsuit against a student charged with shooting at a deadly school in Michigan last week. Take a rare step The indictment of his parents left school officials on Monday, saying that “in this case, many things could have been done differently.”

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said the results of the investigation would be determined. Whether school officials are in charged Attack at Oxford High School last Tuesday.

But she met with a school counselor and his parents drawing a teacher three hours before Ethan Cranby fired, killing four fellow students and injuring six students and a teacher. Later, he said a 15-year-old student had been returned to class. Found on his desk containing a bullet and the word “blood everywhere”.

“In this case, many things could have been done differently, which means he was allowed to return to school at the meeting,” she said in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​on Monday. Told.

“I know he had that weapon or was in a place where he could keep it at school, but since he had it at school, there’s no doubt about it, and whether he’s going home or not. I leave the decision to my parents, “she added, but did not end the sentence.

Oxford School District Director Tim Sloan said Crumbley and his parents met a counselor The day of shooting. He said the counselor found the teen “calmly” and didn’t think he would hurt others.

His parents Jennifer and James Cranby were asked to take their son home, but “flatly refused,” Sloan said.

Throne said third party Investigate the events that occurred before the school shooting at Oxford Township, a community of about 23,000 people, about 30 miles (50 km) north of Detroit. Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel, said her office was able to carry out the investigation and did not rule out the investigation even if the school district declined her offer.

“We are better suited to do this than private actors such as security companies and law firms,” ​​she told The Associated Press on Monday. “When an institution is acting as a client and they are hiring a private agency, it often covers mistakes that may have been made rather than reaching the truth of what actually happened. It’s a kind of for. “

Nessel said he did not intend to blame the school district. She said the tragedy review shows what happened, identifies potential protocol violations, and provides lessons to keep students safe.

Asked if school staff could be prosecuted, she said, “I’m not going to rule out anything. But we found best practices, best policies, best procedures, and schools around us. We are working on this in the hope that we can make recommendations to the state, perhaps to Congress for legislation to be enforced, and to ensure the safety of school children around the state. “

Ethan Crumbley Billed as an adult In murder terrorism Other crimes in the attack.And McDonald’s submitted Unintentional manslaughter He told his parents that they did not intervene on the day of the tragedy, despite facing the painting and its disturbing message.

McDonald’s said on Monday that Cranby’s parents did not mention that Ethan had access to a 9mm semi-automatic pistol during a school meeting. According to officials, he used a gun to carry out an attack, and his father bought a gun as a Christmas present at a local gun store on Black Friday. The gun was legally sold to James Cranby, but minors in Michigan cannot own a gun except in limited circumstances, such as when hunting with an adult.

“Even at the airport, I can’t say anything even remotely to show that there may be some violence on the plane. You’ll be pulled out quickly. Still we … pretty much about things. And he was allowed to go back to school, and neither parent said he had access to the weapon, “McDonald said.

McDonald’s said the prosecutor had evidence suggesting that the couple “purchased the weapon for a 15-year-old child and bragged online. I thought this was a fun opportunity as a gift.”

And she said the teen was able to access the gun “whether it was locked or not” at his family home.

Parents Detained at the beginning of Saturday After they were found hiding in the Detroit studio of artist Andrzej Sikora. The artist’s lawyer said on Sunday that he was working with investigators and was unaware that the couple had been charged and that they had stayed overnight in his studio while authorities were investigating. ..

The couple’s lawyer says he didn’t intend to run away.

In a message to students posted on the school district’s website on Monday, Oxford High School principal Steve Wolfe said he wasn’t expected to resume formal classes until at least January after the winter vacation. Wolff also said staff are planning to sort out backpacks and other items left at school over the weekend and organize the time to pick them up.

“We really miss you, and we can’t wait to see you soon,” he wrote. “It was very difficult to get over this tragedy. Meeting many people at various community events helped in the healing process. Share stories, cry together, hug, just together. Being was healing and helpful. “

Prosecutors criticize school officials after deadly shooting in Michigan: NPR

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