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Cairo (AP) —Egyptian prosecutors said they shelved months of investigations on suspicion of mass rape in 2014 …

Cairo (AP) — Egyptian prosecutors shelved months of investigation into a 2014 mass rape of a 17-year-old girl by a young man from a wealthy family at a luxury hotel in Cairo and released all suspects Said ordered. Of proof.

The incident shocked Egypt’s conservative society when it was revealed last year by a social media account tracking alleged sexual assault in Egypt.

In a detailed statement late Tuesday, prosecutors said the evidence collected during the nearly nine-month investigation was not sufficient to refer the case to a criminal court. The statement stated that witnesses gave conflicting testimonies.

The prosecution ordered the release of four suspects who were arrested last year and put in prison awaiting investigation. Three of them were arrested in Lebanon and deported to Cairo last year.

The prosecution said the investigation could be resumed if new evidence became available.

Alleged gangbang involves a group of young men from a wealthy and powerful family. They reportedly had their teens take medicine at a party at a five-star Cairo hotel and then took turns raping her.

Reports of alleged assault surfaced during a new #MeToo campaign on social media that swept Egypt last summer.

Suspected witnesses and acquaintances of the gang rape case were arrested as private and explicit videos from their phones distributed via the Private Messenger app. Some of them were released later.

Investigation into the hotel case revealed another alleged mass rape at a North Coast resort in the Mediterranean. In the resort case, three suspects were brought to criminal trial last month.

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Prosecutors shelves probe of gang rape that shocked Egypt Source link Prosecutors shelves probe of gang rape that shocked Egypt

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