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Maine’s 2020 census figures show a 2.6% increase in population, but the impact of the figures on the outcome of the state’s political redistribution and constituency changes is not entirely known.

The number of people living in Maine has increased by just 34,000, but the exact location of those people is still uncertain as the Census Bureau’s announcement of the collapse of the city and town was delayed in connection with the pandemic. .. Scheduled to be released in August.

“I don’t think it will have much of an impact,” said Sandy Meisel, a professor at Colby College.

Maisel explained that Maine has a bipartisan committee responsible for redistribution to prevent political gerrymandering practices in the post-redistribution district.

Gerrymandering is the term used by politicians to redraw political districts to strengthen their power or disperse their supporters of the enemy. But you probably don’t know that it dates back to the early years of the country and was named after a district that looked like a salamander. And you may not know how it directly affects your life. NikZ, the host of LXNews, disassembles the Common Cause Dan Vicuna and it.

This means that no matter how a party is drawn, it is unlikely to give it an unjustified advantage or steal a seat from one of them.

“The movement tends to take place in Kennebec County. This happened after each of the last three censuses,” Maisel said in one district or another town in that area of ​​central Maine. He mentioned expectations that there could be a reversal between districts.

If that happens, Maisel does not expect either two Democrats in the US House of Representatives in Maine, Sherry Pingley and Jared Golden, to be affected.

However, constituency changes can affect who wins the vote of the 2nd Parliamentary Electoral College in the presidential election.

“We don’t know what to do with the presidential candidate. It’s up to the candidate,” he said.

The former governor of Maine seems to be considering a return to politics.

The greater impact of the Maine constituency change could be what happens when the line is redrawn in the State Capitol district of Maine. However, lawmakers will not be able to begin the work until the final breakdown of the census is revealed in the summer.

Because the Maine Constitution requires Congress to complete the redistribution by mid-June, Maine legislative leaders are encouraged to avoid the need for courts to demarcate districts6. We are considering whether the Maine Supreme Court can postpone the monthly deadline.

“We’re in a tough situation,” said Troy Jackson, Democratic Senate Chairman of Maine, adding that he and the Republicans are officially planning to “seek an extension” in court. ..

If that happens, Mr Jackson said Republican and Democratic lawmakers could convene a committee from late summer to fall and agree by “September or October.”

According to Secretary of State Chénas Bellows in Maine, it will meet the expected November deadline for her office, so by January next year there will be time to align voters in the Maine register with the new district. And elections ..

“We hope the legislature and courts have reached some agreement, the process continues in a civil and bipartisan way, and the data is ready to go to work in late fall,” she said. It was.

Both Jackson and Maine Republican Senators said they were hoping to meet this week about approaching the Maine Supreme Court on the extension of the reallocation.

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