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Protecting your carpet when moving furniture

Moving to a new house is a combination of excitement plus stress. It is not an easy process as packing and unpacking take a lot of time plus you need to be careful that nothing gets spoiled or broken. Nowadays setting up a house is not easy as everything is expensive. So when one I planning to move, one becomes more careful so that nothing gets spoiled. However, if you are even sailing in the same boat then don’t worry. You need to stay patient and be consistent in this shifting process. Especially when it is about shifting furniture, you should not only be concerned about the furniture but even the carpet on which furniture is set. You must hire a reputable furniture moving company rated highly at Moving Feedback, but still have core considerations of your own.

The movers would certainly worry about your furniture and take charge of shifting it properly without any damage. The carpet protection won’t be involved in it and thereare great chances that the carpet might tear at some point during this hefty shifting process. So in that case you can do certain things to protect your carpet. You need to go for certain purchases and add things that could provide safety to your carpet. Given below are details.

Go for carpet masking to protect the carpet

When you are shifting the furniture and you know that the carpet is at risk, so at that point laying a carpet mask on the carpet is the right move. Just like the stretch wrap, a carpet mask is there which provides a consistent layer of protection especially in case of dirt. Carpet masking is not an expensive process especially if it is compared to the cost of replacing or dry cleaning the carpet. The most common size is available 24″ x 200′ and the rest will vary in price as per the price. Usually, you can get the carpet masks for prices from $30 to $60. Carpet masks are self-adhesive, can be installed easily and comprise non-slip surfaces. These carpet masks work for a period of seven to ten days easily. So after putting that up you don’t need to worry much about your carpet as it is totally safe.

Go for furniture sliders when moving the furniture

If you want to safeguard your carpet while the moving process then buy the furniture sliders. Usually, people drag the furniture in which the carpet gets torn off. With these sliders, there won’t be any harm to the carpet, the furniture would be easily movable and set to any place which you want to. You might find them in the market in different qualities, sizes and prices. You can choose the one which best fits your budget and suits your furniture. For the carpets which are there under dining table desks and chair legs, most furniture placed upon it is done by using furniture sliders as it’s a safe and easy way. Furniture sliders should not have metal wheels as they could also tear the carpet.

Make use of shoe booties

You might be cautious about picking up and moving the furniture so that the carpet does not get spoiled but what about the people who are coming in, picking the stuff and going out. This would be a repetitive task that would invite dust to your carpet. So that asking the movers to wear shoe booties and then move would be a convenient way.  This is most preferred for home services personnel as the shoe covers are affordable and a reliable means. Better yet, shoe covers even provide additional floor and carpet protection from water and dirt which is great. So make sure you get certain shoe covers and provide them to the movers.

Close the carpet area space and leave it for the end to shift

When you are moving to a new place, do get the other rooms done from the movers leaving the one which has carpet. Keep that room closed so that nobody goes in, no dust is there and it is safe from all kinds of debris and other things. However, when everything is completed ask the movers to pick up the things which are there on the carpet and first pick the carpet and roll it. When you pick it up, roll it and further safely cover it with a plastic sheet, nothing would happen to the carpet. It would be safe and you can easily carry it further to a new place.

So these are some of the tips by which you could pack your exclusive stuff in a proper manner and further transfer it to the new place. Make sure you follow these techniques as with this your furniture would be safe and to the more your carpet and rugs won’t get spoiled which is of utmost importance.



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