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WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The upcoming warm climate can cause a variety of problems for your puppies and pets. Dehydration, heat stroke, and even burns on the paws are some of the heat-related illnesses that puppies can tolerate.

Dr. Lacy Deebolt, a veterinarian and practice owner of the Sweet Bria Veterinary Clinic here in Wichita, offers many tips and tricks to keep your puppy cool.

“Usually, if the outside temperature is around 70 degrees Celsius, the temperature of asphalt on a sunny day can be as high as 150 degrees Celsius,” says Dr. Deebold. “Pets are recommended to walk early in the morning.”

There are precautions you can take when deciding not to take your puppy for a walk.

“When walking a dog, our usual recommendation is to do a 5-second contact test, which means put your hand on the sidewalk and see if you can hold it for 5 seconds. It gets too hot. If you don’t, it’s usually safe for your pet to walk on it, “Dr. Deebold said.

If the sidewalk is too hot, it is advisable to take your dog for a walk in the grass area or take it to a dog park.

“You need to make sure your pet is completely vaccinated and given prophylaxis to prevent other pets from getting an infectious disease,” Dr. Deebold said. It was. “But dog parks are a great way to run your dog, socialize, and interact with other pets, and you can exercise without being on the asphalt.”

If your puppy ends up on hot asphalt such as streets, sidewalks, pouches, or even decks, it may not be obvious that you have been burned.

“Some pets have blisters. Some people drag their feet. Like you and I, blisters hurt so much that they may actually walk on egg shells. “Maybe,” said Dr. Deebolt. “If you suspect that something like that is happening, take your pet to a veterinarian. They will diagnose it and give you a good treatment option. Will be the best you can give. “

If your puppy suffers from any of these injuries, there are treatment options available.

Treatment options include topical antibiotics to prevent the formation of infections in the blisters, painkillers to relieve discomfort, and bandages and oral antibiotics, depending on the severity of the burn, according to Dr. Deebolt. included.

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Protecting your pup in the dog days of summer, local vet weighs in Source link Protecting your pup in the dog days of summer, local vet weighs in

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