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Protesters demand justice from women shot by LBUSD safety officers – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-10-07 03:09:09 –

Local activists Keyanna Serena and Keisha Branston support each other during the October 3, 2021 “Mona Rodriguez Justice” protest. Rodriguez died on Tuesday after being shot in the head by a LBUSD security officer on September 27. (Photo by Veronica Towers)

“Are these the times we live in? Where do police officers have to be afraid?” When asked activist Anthony Bryson on Sunday, protesters were 18-year-old Mona. Gathered to demand the arrest of a school security officer who shot and killed Rodriguez.

Rodriguez died Tuesday night after being removed from life support. According to Long Beach Post..

Rodriguez was shot in the passenger seat of a vehicle fleeing a battle in a parking lot near Millican High School on September 27.

You can watch the video of the incident here..

An emotional crowd of about 25 protesters gathered outside the Long Beach Police Headquarters, chanting “no justice or peace” and “Mona’s justice.”

“This is atrocities. This safety officer, who is not on the school grounds … acts as a judge and jury in Mona and executes her. It is a crime and must be treated as such.” Cliff Smith, the organizer of the protest, said.

Rodriguez was the mother of a five-month-old child.

“Mona was someone’s sister, someone’s happiness, Mona was a mother. She left behind a child who never knew her mother, never heard her voice again, and only knew her through memory. “Let’s do it,” said protester Aurianna Tuttle.

Aurianna Tuttle speaks to the media during the “Justice for Mona Rodriguez” protest on October 3, 2021. In murder, “said Tuttle. (Photo by Veronica Towers)

Valerie Garcia, who claimed to be a friend of Rodriguez’s family, said a 15-year-old child had harassed Rodriguez for three days before the incident. That day, he was involved in a battle with an unidentified 15-year-old Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s boyfriend Rafael Choudhry was driving a car trying to escape from the scene.

According to Najee Ali, who claimed to speak on behalf of the Chowdhury family, Rodriguez was fastening his seatbelts when the two bullets were fired. After that, Rodriguez fell on Choudhry’s shoulder.

“He (Choudley) said,’Is your baby okay?’ And there was no further response. She (Rodriguez) feels dead on the spot,” Garcia said. ..

The Long Beach Unified School District has identified a school safety officer who was involved as Eddie F. Gonzalez on paid vacation after the incident.

LBUSD school principal Jill A. Baker announced Wednesday night that the board had unanimously decided to end Gonzales’ employment.

According to the Long Beach Post, Long Beach Police and the Los Angeles County District Law Office are currently investigating the case.

Protesters have called on Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon to prosecute Gonzales.

Rally protester Keyanna Serena faced the news camera and told Gascon: I want murder. ”

Serena said: Pick up your pen and get to work, District Attorney George Gascon. “

Opposition organizer Smith suspects that Gascon may indict Gonzales for being involved in the shooting.

“He campaigned last year with a promise to hold the police responsible for crimes against the community. He hasn’t done that yet. We are very disappointed with him, but we We will continue to mobilize and organize in our community to turn his foot on fire, “Smith said.

Meanwhile, Ali believes the opposite will happen and predicts that Gascon will “undoubtedly” prosecute Gonzales.

“Everyone watched the video. The video didn’t lie. The policeman’s life wasn’t at stake, and obviously the shooting was out of the question,” Ali said.

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