Protesters gather outside the home of judges in the US Supreme Court prior to the pro-choice march.Roe v. Wade

Abortion-right demonstrator continues to appear outside the Supreme Court judge’s home, and the latest target is Conservative Amy Coney BarrettWho signed the draft opinion of the majority Leaked To clarify the intention to overturn the constitutional right to have an abortion in the United States.

“The right to your body-the right to do what you want to do-is the most personal freedom you can have,” said one protester earlier this week with a long red “handmade” cape and white bonnet. Said to symbolize from among the groups wearing Forced childbirthAs a member of the Virginia Police Department was watching nearby.

Several organizations, led by Planned Parenthood and Women’s March, are preparing Saturday for a national pro-choice march day.

Protests have occurred intermittently since the leak of the draft opinion on May 2. I sent a shock wave Throughout the United States, five out of nine judges support the overthrow of the groundbreaking Supreme Court. Roe v. Wade decision It paved the way for abortion nationwide in 1973.

So far, protesters have gathered outside homes in the Washington, DC area. Samuel AlitoBrett Kavanaugh, Barrett and Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the scorching draft opinion, did not sign the draft opinion, unlike the other three and Judges Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch. ..

The court’s final decision on Roe is Significant Mississippi Incident In front of the courtroom, Dobbs vs. Jackson women’s health is expected next month.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are calling on US Attorney General Merrick Garland to adopt federal law 72 years ago. Outlaw to demonstrate Outside the judge’s residence.

Outside the judge’s house Outside the Supreme CourtA new barrier was erected to block the marble stairs and pillars of the Supreme Court building, but the arrest was unknown and peaceful.

but, Increasing fear Women and medical professionals seeking or using abortion drugs may be held criminally liable if Roe is overthrown and individual states can choose to ban the procedure. From a professional choice activist.

On Wednesday, Garland’s office issued a statement stating: “Attorney General Garland continues to be briefed on security issues related to the Supreme Court and the judges of the Supreme Court.

“The Attorney General has instructed the US Marshal Services to help ensure the safety of judges by providing additional assistance to the Supreme Court Marshal and the Supreme Court police.”

It is illegal to picket in a residential area in Virginia. A source in the office of Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s Governor, advised the Guardian that he was doing “everything he could” to provide security.

Fairfax police sent a statement stating: Our officers strive to provide a safe place for individuals to exercise the rights of the First Amendment and keep their communities safe. “

Abortion-rights Democrats met in Washington on Friday morning after the US Senate on Wednesday. Did not pass A law that codifies the rights provided by the groundbreaking Roe case.

“People should continue to exercise their rights within the scope of the first amendment,” said Hakeem Jeffries, Chairman of the House Democratic Party of Japan, when asked about activists protesting at the homes of members of the Supreme Court bench. Jeffries told the Guardian.

Protesters gather outside the home of judges in the US Supreme Court prior to the pro-choice march.Roe v. Wade

Source link Protesters gather outside the home of judges in the US Supreme Court prior to the pro-choice march.Roe v. Wade

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