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Courtesy Michael Driscoll

Michael Driscoll filed a federal proceeding against Denver on Monday, alleging that one of the city’s police officers used excessive force when shooting his face with a projectile. The projectile broke his skull in two places and Driscoll needed surgery.

Michael Driscoll filmed a protest in downtown Denver last year. A police projectile struck the forehead, crushing the sinuses and breaking the skull in two places.

According to a federal proceeding by Driscoll against Denver, police chief Paul Pazen and police Cmdr on Monday, the injury required skull reconstruction surgery, leaving 53 staples on his head. Patrick Ferrand.

Welder Driscoll is likely to be unable to pursue his career as an underwater welder as planned, as he will be forced to take a month off to recover and his skull may not be able to withstand the pressure of the dive. Said Milo Schwab, a lawyer at Driscoll. ..

The proceedings allege that the department and its leaders should be held liable because the unidentified police officer who shot him used excessive force and did not properly train or supervise the police officer.

“(Driscoll) may have died,” Schwab said. “If they hit his forehead two inches higher, the risk of death was very high.”

The proceedings are at least six proceedings (more than 60) filed against the city in May and June 2020, alleging that Denver police officers used excessive force to injure peaceful protesters. Has been added to the growing collection of) on behalf of the plaintiffs.Criticized, an investigation of the department’s response by the city’s oversight agency found that it was. Defective at almost every level.. The department has launched 123 internal investigations into executive behavior, Several police officers are disciplinary..

Driscoll drove out of Pueblo on May 30, 2020 and participated in a large-scale protest of police atrocities and the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. After the day of protest, he decided to continue the demonstration the next day.

Video footage of the incident, Driscoll, shows a crowd of protesters demonstrating at the intersection of West 13th Avenue and Cherokee Street near Denver Police Headquarters around 10 pm on May 31, 2020. Protesters chanted “I can’t breathe” and “Raise your hand and don’t shoot” to a line of police officers tens of yards away. The video does not show a group of protesters marching towards a police officer or throwing anything at a police officer. People in the crowd can be heard in videos that encourage others to maintain peace.

The video shows that police officers began firing gas containers and other projectiles at the crowd without audible warnings or orders to disband. Driscoll’s video shows him lifting a piece of wood. The proceedings state that he is a homemade shield he made to protect himself. “ACAB” is drawn on the plywood shield. This is an acronym for “All cops are bastards.”

The projectile then attacks Driscoll, and you can hear Driscoll moaning in the video. Others in the crowd can be heard in the video yelling “He’s bleeding!” “Who is the doctor!” When they walked away from the intersection with Driscoll.

Courtesy of Miloshwab

Surgeons use 53 staples on May 31, 2020, after a skull fracture caused by a projectile fired by an unknown police officer in protest of police atrocities, according to a lawsuit filed by Driscoll on Monday. I had to close Michael Driscoll’s skull.

A stranger drove Driscoll to Denver Health, where doctors found two skull fractures that crushed his sinuses, the proceedings said. Driscoll had surgery three days later. According to the proceedings, the surgeon had to use a graft from another part of the skull to repair the injury.

According to Schwab, Driscol continues to suffer from injuries and headaches. He also has a large medical bill from his hospitalization and surgery.

Mr Schwab said his client did not know exactly what kind of projectile police shot him, but believes it was probably a foam or rubber bullet.

Denver police used a 40mm foam round during the protest. According to department policy, officers should use non-lethal weapons only against aggressive persons or to prevent serious injuries. The 40mm launcher used by the Denver police launches projectiles at speeds of over 200 mph. Investigation into how Denver police responded to protests of racial justice in 2020..

Protester’s skull fractured by Denver police during 2020 demonstrations, lawsuit against city alleges Source link Protester’s skull fractured by Denver police during 2020 demonstrations, lawsuit against city alleges

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