Prototype 1970 Porsche 914 Murene, by Heuliez

Today’s Rare Ride is the second vehicle in the series designed by French coachbuilders. Heuliez, And it was a one-time event as part of the Porsche 914 Styling Competition.

The 914 is a joint project between Volkswagen and Porsche and has joined the Porsche lineup as an entry-level vehicle for the 1970 model brand. There were two basic versions available. It is a 1.7-liter horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder base 914 or a 2.0-liter horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder 914/6. The previous factory was a VW engine, so it was ridiculed by Porsche purists at the time. The 6-cylinder came from Porsche, so it was more accepted, but the 914 was still contaminated with a duel aura. It’s cheap When Volkswagen..

Before the 914 went into production, Porsche decided to hold a contest to see who could make the 914 with a rather rustic look better. Early production examples were originally obtained by a company called Brissonneau et Lots. The company planned to implement a 914 body of design (of employees). The editorial idea for the 914 came from designer Jack Cooper, a former employee of Raymond Loewy. However, B et L had money problems and couldn’t afford to start the project. It didn’t progress past the design sketching stage written by Cooper.

The 914 build was taken over by designer Henri Heuliez, who is not yet familiar with the automotive design industry. Cooper managed the transition from Brisonault to Heuliez, who soon began work. The 914 rework moved from a paper sketch to a driving prototype in 10 weeks. This is because Heuliez wanted to prove that a high quality car body could be completed in a short period of time.

Almost all of the original panels on the 914 were replaced, and the box-shaped shape was thrown in support of a wedge with an upward line pointing backwards. The B-pillars were wider and contained the cooling gills that were previously in the hood above the midship engine. Instead of the Porsche unit, there was also a tail lamp unique to Murene. Perhaps most notable is the 914 coupe form edited into a hatchback.

Heuliez’s design first appeared on stage at the 1970 Paris Motor Show. The show was one of three wedge-shaped 914 design exercises completed that year. ItalDesign has completed another piece called Tapiro under the direction of boss Giorgetto Giugiaro. The third take was designed by Eurostyle Torino. Heuliez’s design received the official name to fall at the Geneva Motor Show: Murene.

After the show circuit, by agreement, Murene was the property of Brisonault. Porsche has decided to remove the 914 style change idea for unspecified reasons. Heuliez purchased Murene in 1971 because Brissonneau did not hold Murene for a long time. Heuliez immediately repainted Murene from light brown to super 70’s two-tone orange and beige and put it in his garage. Heuliez owned Murene until 2012 (around the time of Heuliez’s closure) and restored it before selling it to a third private owner.

Murene was sold to a fourth happy owner in August 2021. $ 159,914..

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Prototype 1970 Porsche 914 Murene, by Heuliez

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