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The driver was careful to go slowly on wet roads

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Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — PSU students Iliana Teres and Sophia Poolen were at Hillsborough Stadium to watch the Vikings beat western Oregon. Victory made it worthwhile to be in the rain.

“We were covered, but it was pouring down,” Teres told KOIN6 News. “It was just dumping and dumping. It took about 30 minutes. Then it disappeared and came back.”

Those who adventured on Saturday were wise to bring rain gear. PSU students had an umbrella in their car.

Teres and Poolen are from the Zadares region, where a wildfire threatened the community this summer. They are grateful for the change.

“We are very grateful for the rain, as we have already had two fires in our hometown,” she said.

PSU students said they were looking forward to Portland returning to its rain reputation.

“I was used to the hot weather, but I’m looking forward to it raining again,” Pouren said.

“I hate hot weather. I love the cold,” Teres said. “That’s why I’m pretty happy.”

Reminder to the driver

After months of dry pavement, Oregon drivers had to get used to the wet roads again.

The Oregon Transport Authority has alerted drivers to some caution regarding the return of rainfall.

Spokesperson Don Hamilton said drivers need to be aware that pooling water on the road can cause accidents and change downtime.

“Everyone needs to be careful there. Roads are slippery and tend to be smooth after the first rain after a dry spell,” Hamilton said. “Be careful when driving in high waters. It’s very dangerous. Take extra time for where you are going. Walk because it can reduce your car stop time. Beware of people and bicycles. It may be more dangerous to them on the road. “

PSU student: ‘I’m looking forward to the rain again’ Source link PSU student: ‘I’m looking forward to the rain again’

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