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Honolulu (KHON2) —The holiday season is when you put on your family, food, and maybe a little extra weight. If you’re on a New Year’s journey and want to get back on track, the Hawaii Cat Café is for you.

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Moriko is 14 years old and weighs a whopping 24 pounds, twice her goal.

“She is on a weight loss journey with her and is looking for a family who is willing to give her a lot of love,” said cat cafe owner Cindy Washburn.

Moriko needs a strict diet to lose extra weight, but until then she makes great training weights for humans.

“If you need someone to squat, she’s a really good cat. You can lose weight together!” Washburn said.

If you have big plans for profits or losses, so does Molico. She is even looking to tone up the rear end.

“She needs about 10 pounds. Even her little tail is partially fat,” Washburn said.

Washburn says she’ll be a great companion for you and your family, even if losing weight isn’t yours.

“She’s huge, but she has a lot of personality! She loves to be a pet. When she scratches her chin, she doesn’t care about other cats at all and begins to drool,” Washburn said.

It’s all about food quality and partial control, a little exercise, and losing weight in a healthy way. Moriko did a blood test to look for her condition, but was negative, according to Washburn. It is possible that her previous owner gave her a little too much food.

She also says that cat weight loss should be done slowly, as weight loss can lead to illness if it is lost too quickly.

“People who are willing to work with a veterinarian to monitor their dietary intake and try out different toys will chase one or two lasers,” Washburn said.

Adoption is increasing during this pandemic as people spend their time at home in search of four-legged friends. Moriko isn’t the only cat that needs a home.

“If you want to help with animal adoption, come here to have a coffee at a Hawaii cat cafe, spend time with a cat, contact the Hawaiian Humane Society and learn about foster parents, volunteers, donations and adoption. You can. “Washburn said.

To make a reservation for a cat cafe, please call (808) -744-3192 or click here.

Pudgy cat ‘Molico’ looking for an adoptive family, workout partner Source link Pudgy cat ‘Molico’ looking for an adoptive family, workout partner

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