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Pueblo’s District 70 will “encourage” mask use in school, not require it – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-08-04 18:08:24 –

Pueblo, Colorado-The 70th District Board of Education in Pueblo met on Tuesday night to discuss some issues. Among them is whether students need to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at school.

Most parents opposed Mask’s obligations, citing concerns from last year’s experience.

“If we’re really here for our kids, we need to start with a good foot this year,” said D70 parent John Christianson. “There are rumors that we have lost 6-7 principals within District 70 of the district. There are 30 or so positions open for teachers. These excellent operating procedures alone last year. If all the teachers are lost, some issues need to be addressed, and that’s my concern. No one likes to wear masks. “

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Another parent, who described himself as a clinical psychologist, raised other concerns.

“I’m worried about their mental health. I’m worried about what’s happening already and what can still happen. And I’m just the best for kids I’m here to say that I support all of our parents who want it, “said Allison Nizami. “We want to be able to avoid masks. I know people feel strongly about it. No problem if you want your child to go to school with a mask. But parents Let us make those decisions as much as possible. “

On Wednesday, the board decided that face coverings were “strongly encouraged” but not required at school, citing strong immunization rates for staff and communities.

However, according to federal law, the bus must have a mask.

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Pueblo’s District 70 will “encourage” mask use in school, not require it Source link Pueblo’s District 70 will “encourage” mask use in school, not require it

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