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Pujols’ wife suggests former Cards slugger to retire after season | News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

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Anaheim, CA (AP) — Albert Pujols’ wife revealed that the Los Angeles Angels slugger will retire after the next season, but she later made social media posts less clear. Fixed.

Three MVPs and ten all-stars, 41-year-old Pujols, reported spring training with Angels on Monday.

In a post to her Instagram account later that day, Daedra Pujols wrote: “Today is the first day of the last season, one of the most notable careers in the sport!” Shortly thereafter, she revised the statement in parentheses “based on his contract.”

The 10-year $ 240 million contract with the Pujols Angels will end after the 21st major season. However, the fifth home run hitter in Major League Baseball history repeatedly declined whether this season would be his last, and repeated uncertainty in an interview with ESPN Deportes earlier this month.

Pujols is the oldest player in Major League Baseball, ten years away from his heyday in St. Louis. He won three NLMVP awards and two World Series titles in the Cardinals in 2001-11, but hasn’t come close to those feats in the Angels.

On Instagram, Daedra Pujols continued to praise her husband for “finishing this good race.”

“God isn’t finished with you yet. I know when you’re done this season. What’s already prepared for you is another good-filled one waiting on the other side. It’s a journey, “writes Daedra Pujols. “Thank you for the wonderful baseball thrills of 21 years! Finish as strong as an angel you are, and I know you will surprise us throughout this 2021 season as usual! 700 We are coming after you. “

Albert Pujols has 662 career homers, behind Alex Rodriguez (696) in fourth place. Pujols hit more than 31 home runs only once in nine seasons with Angels. So the chances of becoming the fourth player in Major League Baseball history with 700 home runs this year depend on a resurgence of extraordinary power.

Pujols is still one of the greatest batters of his generation and has the power and consistency of his 20-year career.

In December 2011, he linked his success in St. Louis to a special contract with Angels owner Artemoreno. However, Pujols’s work in Anaheim never culminated in 11 years in St. Louis, and the Angels played off his tenure with Mike Trout three times.

Pujols hit .257 with 217 home runs and 771 RBIs in nine seasons with Angels. His career average dropped .299. He hit .224, the worst of his career last season, with nine home runs and 25 RBIs in a coronavirus shortening campaign.


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Pujols’ wife suggests former Cards slugger to retire after season | News Headlines Source link Pujols’ wife suggests former Cards slugger to retire after season | News Headlines

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