Pulitzer Prize winners include The New York Times and BuzzFeed News

Another first-time winner was Atlantic, who won the Pulitzer Prize in the explanatory reporting category for Ed Yong’s pandemic coverage. The second descriptive reporting award was given to five Reuters journalists for an investigation into the protection of the Supreme Court, which protects police officers who use excessive force.

In the feature article category, the board recognized two writers: Mitchell S. Jackson, Freelancer, Runners World About the murder of Armor berryA 25-year-old black man killed while jogging in Georgia. And Naja Drost, also a freelancer, California Sunday Magazine When a group of immigrants crossing the Darien Gap at the Colombian-Panama border tried to walk to the United States. (California Sunday Magazine stopped publishing in October after Emerson Collective, an organization founded by its supporters, billionaire investors. Laurene Powell Jobs, Cut off the relationship with the parent company. )

In the case of books, in the general non-fiction category, the winner is David Zucchino for “Wilmington Lies: 1898 Murder Coup and White Supremacist RiseA detailed study of coups against multi-ethnic governments in cities along the North Carolina coast. Mr. Zukkino, a contributor to the Times, Received the Pulitzer Prize In 1989 for his report from South Africa.

Masha Shatrain said, “Historically,”Franchise: Black American Golden Arch, “About the relationship between McDonald’s and the black community. Louise Erdrich won the fiction category in the novel The Watchman. Natalie Diaz’s poem, “Post-colonial Love Poem”.Biography of Les Pain and Tamara PainDead are coming out: Malcolm X’s life.. “

In addition to Friday’s civil servant Pulitzer, the Times won the critique. Wesley Morris is a general critic who writes on a wide range of topics with an emphasis on the contribution of black artists to Americans. culture.In his 2020 work meditation About the important role played by black Americans with camera phones in the civil rights movement. This was Morris’ second Pulitzer Prize for winning the 2012 Boston Globe essay in the same category.

Pulitzer Prize for Civil Servants Contribution From several Times divisions such as Domestic, Science, International, Washington, Research, Business, Graphics, Video, Live Briefing, Audio and more. The board quoted a news article recording the deadly developments of the pandemic, as well as a virus case tracker in the graphics department, a 72-hour video capture in a hospital in New York, and an episode of the “The Daily” podcast.

One of the cited reports was February 2, 2020. paper By scientific reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr., he sounded an early warning about the Covid-19 virus. Times veteran McNeil, I left the newspaper Earlier this year, he was criticized for repeating racism during a language debate while taking a Times-sponsored student trip to Peru in 2019.

Pulitzer Prize winners include The New York Times and BuzzFeed News

Source link Pulitzer Prize winners include The New York Times and BuzzFeed News

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