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Virginia Beach — AAlexander HamiltonThe biography of Ron Chernow’s founding father in 2004 tells the United States when he stood in the shadows cast by American history lovers, especially our own Virginia agricultural idealist, Thomas Jefferson. A must read for those who may have overlooked this giant in the financial system of.

Fans of Broadway musicals based on this book will be amazed at the almost direct transfer of information from page to stage.

Readers will be introduced to Hamilton as an illegitimate child born on the island of Nevis in the West Indies, England. Tragedy surrounded his poor early life, including abandonment by his father, death of his mother due to illness, and subsequent suicide of his guardian, so his ominous beginning cannot be exaggerated.

Hamilton was mostly self-taught, but thanks to his grit and intelligence, he worked hard as a clerk on St. Croix Island in the Caribbean when the hurricane struck on August 31, 1772.

The letter he wrote about Arashi was published in a local newspaper, and Hamilton’s letter was so inspiring that he was subscribed to send him to the United States for education. He was 17 years old. At the end of the year, Hamilton sailed to Boston and soon headed to New York.

Charnau takes us to his early participation in the revolution through Hamilton’s work at what is now Columbia University, King’s College. In early 1777, George Washington invited Hamilton to his adjutant, giving Hamilton a front-row seat for Washington’s leaders throughout the war and Washington’s time as the first president of a young country.

Their relationship will prove to be crucial to Hamilton’s meteorite rise in the formation of the US government.

Hamilton was instrumental in creating a mechanism that would keep the engine of American democracy running.Hamilton’s efforts on the battlefield during the revolution, defense of the Constitution Federalist, Innovations in the formation of banking systems, and advocacy of strong government agencies are all detailed in this very readable and informative task. Everything is relayed with keen insight and context.

Many details of the political battles of the civil war, such as the barbarism that Hamilton and his enemy Thomas Jefferson spoofed in the newspaper of the day, add a new Partisan rant to the American experiment in recent years. It calmly reminds me that it is not a thing.

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