Punk Bank Television guitarist and founder Tom Bahrain dies at 73

Tom Bahrain, guitarist and co-founder of seminal proto-punk band Television, has died at the age of 73 after a brief illness, CBS News has learned.

Verlaine’s death was confirmed in a statement to CBS News on Saturday from Jesse Paris Smith, daughter of Verlaine’s frequent collaborator, musician Patti Smith.

“He died peacefully in New York City surrounded by close friends,” the statement read.

Cara Hutchison of the Lede Company, a public relations firm, also confirmed Verlaine’s death to the Associated Press. An exact cause of death was not provided.

Verlaine inspired many bands while performing alongside the Ramones, Patti Smith and Talking Heads at the ultra-cool music venue CBGB in downtown New York.

Tom Verlaine performs with his band Television at the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto, Canada on May 6, 2019.

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“Tom Verlaine has gone beyond what his guitar playing always hinted at. As it can be done, it takes a special kind of greatness, Mike Scott of the Waterboys murmured.

Television did not achieve much commercial success, but Verlaine’s inventive playing of Jagged as part of the band’s two-guitar attack inspired many musicians. Television released its groundbreaking debut album ‘Marky Moon’ in 1977, which included the nearly 11-minute title track and ‘Elevation’, and released his sophomore work ‘Adventure’ a year later. bottom.

“‘Marky Moon’ has since become something of a holy grail for independent rock. It has clearly influenced artists like Pavement, Sonic Youth, The Strokes and Jeff Buckley. ‘ Billboard magazine wrote in 2003.

Television disbanded after their second album, Adventure, due to growing tensions between Verlaine and fellow guitarist Richard Lloyd. The group reunited for his self-titled 1992 album and sporadic live appearances on Capitol Records.

Television co-founder Richard Hell wrote in his autobiography, “We wanted to strip everything down from the glitzy band showbiz theatricality, and from the bluesiness and boogie. “We wanted it to be as tough and violent and torn as the world is.”

Verlaine has released eight solo albums, but her most commercially successful 1981 sophomore solo album, Dreamtime, reached number 177 on the Billboard album chart. He was a frequent accompanist to his ex-girlfriend Patti Smith.

He was born Tom Miller after meeting Richard Myers-born Hell at a prep school in Delaware, taking the surname of 19th-century French poet Paul-Marie Verlaine. They were tall, skinny, enthusiastic kids who dropped out and headed to the East Village where they worked in a bookstore and wrote poetry together.

“He was known for his angular lyricism and pointed lyrical digressions, cunning wit, and ability to sway each string to its truest emotion,” his publicist said. “His vision and imagination will be lost.”

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