“Pups In Boots” protects paws—and more – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-06-15 22:57:04 – It’s so hot right now that even sand can burn your feet. You need shoes to prevent it, and so does your pet. The Pima Animal Care Center says it is imperative to wear boots on your pet if they go out. They may resist, but they will get used to them. Boots are only part of the pet care package available to homeless and low-income people through the Paccs In Boots program. You can get other items such as pet food and strings. At this link, you’ll find distribution locations and other services that help low-income earners and their pets. Nikkirek of the Pima Animal Care Center says volunteers will pay for the supplies. Covered by our budget. It’s really great and thanks to the people of Pima County who helped us keep this going. So if people want to help and can’t volunteer, they can donate to this program for adoption or whatever it is. You can do that at FriendsofPACC.org and donate to the Pups In Boots program. Even with boots, it’s important to limit your dog’s exposure to the hottest areas of the day and to have enough water for your pet and yourself.

“Pups In Boots” protects paws—and more Source link “Pups In Boots” protects paws—and more

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