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Researchers were looking for a solution to climate change when they set a world record in creating the whitest paints.

This is the whitest paint you’ve ever seen in your life, and scientists hope it helps fight climate change. It can also make air conditioners obsolete.

When Purdue University researchers embarked on the development of a new paint, the goal was to create a paint that reflects sunlight from the building. College said on thursday.. In the end, they also set the official world record for the whitest paint on the planet.

“When we started this project about seven years ago, we had energy savings and the fight against climate change in mind,” said Xiulin Ruan, a professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University. He developed paints with graduate students.

The paint reflects 98.1% of solar radiation and also emits infrared heat.

“Because the paint absorbs less heat than it emits, the surface coated with this paint cools below the ambient temperature without consuming power,” said the university, a typical commercial white. The paint does not get cold but warms.

Researchers conducted outdoor tests at an ambient temperature of 43 degrees Fahrenheit. The paint lowered the sample temperature by another 18 degrees. Padu said..

Is there any more air conditioner?

Purdue said using paint to cover a roof area of ​​about 1,000 square feet could provide a cooling capacity of 10 kW.

“It’s more powerful than the air conditioners used in most homes,” Ruan said, according to Purdue.

Here’s how this paint can help control climate change. NS World Economic Forum In 2019, he wrote that emissions from room air conditioners alone could raise global temperatures by nearly 1 degree Fahrenheit by 2100.

World record white paint

Purdue University said that making reflective paints makes them very white and the Guinness Book of Records officially calls them the whitest paints in the world.

There are two things that make paint very white.

“A very high concentration of a compound called barium sulphate (also used in photo paper and cosmetics) and the various particle sizes of barium sulphate in paints,” said Purdue. “The wavelength of the sunlight that each particle scatters depends on its size, so a wider range of particle sizes allows the paint to scatter more of the light spectrum from the sun.”

Can they be even whiter? Yes, but researchers say they can’t go any further without breaking or peeling off the paint.

Purdue has already applied for a patent, and researchers said they would work with the company to scale up the paint and bring it to market.

Team studies can be found in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces..

By the way, the blackest black is Vantablack. Purdue said it absorbs up to 99.9% of visible light.

Purdue creates whitest paint on Earth, could fight climate change Source link Purdue creates whitest paint on Earth, could fight climate change

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