Purists hated Mayweather vs. Paul.But its success offers lessons from traditional sports | Boxing

SSome food for thinking.Last week, Guardian’s report on “Special Exhibition” Between the inducted boxer Floyd Mayweather and the celebrity YouTuber Logan PaulWas the second most read article on our entire website. Millions of people read, shared, and ate it. One million Americans also paid $ 49.99 to watch in pay-per-view. Mayweather previously described it as a “legal bank robbery.” And so was it. Still, people were still willing to stab their hands into the air and hand over cash.

It’s easy to ridicule. But there was also a traditional sports lesson, picking up the bones of the fight against US sports agent Leigh Steinberg, often believed to be the real inspiration for the Academy Award-winning movie 1996 Jerry Maguire. It was clear. “Of course, the fight was mostly about novelty lovers,” Steinberg tells me. “I remember that time Bobby Riggs played Billie Jean King?? It’s a fish out of the water, and a man bites a dog. But I can’t fully emphasize how they did the amazing job of really caring for people. “

That is the first lesson. Tell us what you like about the contest, but it had a story, hype, personality and danger. For purists, it is enough to do their best. More is needed for casual fans. We often hear media-trained stars “run races” or “play one game at a time.” This is a sport equivalent to the Geneva Convention and is designed to give nothing. But how can a sport fly if there is no topic?

“It helped Mayweather to be as good a sales person as boxing. I say I’ve worked with Lennox Lewis and Oscar De La Hoya,” Steinberg adds. “But it also shows something else. It’s the growing power of social media that drives the eye to motor events.”

That is the second lesson. Seven League Charlie Beer, a digital consultant with clients such as the NBA, The Football Association, Barcelona and Juventus, can do even more with “creator networks” such as Twitch, TikTok and YouTube.

“We often use hunting and farming analogies,” says Beall. “Large sports with a large fan base like to feed viewers. They can sell big TV deals, sponsorships and demand high ticket prices, but you If you have been farming for too long, it becomes a diminishing and lazy resource. Therefore, you need to keep looking for new and young audiences, and put them on the channels they spend a lot of time on. If not involved, you as a sports facility will begin to lose relevance among its target audience. “

“His goal was to survive”: Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul ends with a boo – video

That is the third lesson. It’s worth noting that Spanish streamer Ibai recently hosted a boxing event to break the record for sports streaming on Twitch. The event attracted an average of 1.1 million viewers on a four-hour broadcast. And Brazilian Twitch streamer Gaules is currently hosting NBA games on his channel. Meanwhile, Paul was able to leverage 23 million YouTube subscribers to make millions for Mayweather.

the 4th? Young people often seem to be less alert, but Beall says it’s a lazy stereotype, given how long they’ll stay at Twitch, Minecraft, Roblox, and more. They are intensifying time competition, such as on social media and livestreaming. Short formats such as T20 cricket are useful. But we also need to address the fact that sport isn’t about getting the viewer’s attention for 90 minutes, it’s also about getting enough viewer attention to flock to it when a big moment happens. “That’s the platform location buzzer It’s very interesting, “says Beall. “They are trying to draw the attention of the audience to the main moments when they are happening.”

The fifth and final lesson is to find new ways for sports to increase viewership without disrupting the traditional fan base.Novelty works – if Usain Bolt races NFL Star DK MetcalfFor example, it certainly runs a huge number of PPVs. However, Racing For Change’s Rod Street has many sports saying that events like Mayweather vs. Paul “make a meaningful connection between the sport and the new spectator, or are just PT Barnum-style antiques.” Say I’m not sure.

Instead, Street believes the answer is to combine top-notch events such as the British Champions Series of Racing with new formats such as the Racing League to attract young, tech-savvy viewers. “But the competition in this area is over fierce,” he says. “All the sports executives I speak are trying to reach the same audience.”

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By the way, Steinberg reminds me of notoriety Tyson v Lewis Brawl Almost destroyed their battle. “We will negotiate the biggest combat contract in history at the time and head to the press conference,” he says. “He was pretty good when Tyson was taking the medicine, but when he left them, he was a little crazy and really unsafe. So I’m standing on the wings looking at Lennox, And Tyson ran up to work on him, they rolled around on the stage, then we went upstairs to Lennox’s room, and he pulled up his pants, and blood on his feet It’s flowing, and he says: “What the hell, Geezer bit me!”

“We had to vaccinate him for tetanus from a hotel doctor, and everyone was paranoia because they thought the fight would have to be canceled if the story was leaked. “

Of course it leaked. Still, in the end, it’s just more fuel for pay-per-view fire.

Purists hated Mayweather vs. Paul.But its success offers lessons from traditional sports | Boxing

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