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Moscow (AP) —Russian President Vladimir Putin has been experimental against the coronavirus three days after receiving a booster shot as Russia has faced the worst surge in infections and deaths since the pandemic began on Wednesday. He said he had been vaccinated with a nasal vaccine.

Putin was vaccinated against Sputnik V, a COVID-19 vaccine developed in Russia in the spring. On Sunday, he received a booster for the lack of Sputnik Light, a single-dose version of the jab, and said he would like to take part in the test for the nasal version of Sputnik V.

Dennis Lognov, deputy director of Russia’s state-run Gamalaya Center, who developed Sputnik V, told Putin on Sunday that the nasal vaccine has not yet been tested against the general public and is now “mostly”. “As usual, out of indication,” he said. Retest and monitor with staff. “

According to established scientific protocols, vaccines need to go through several testing steps, including those involving thousands of people, to establish safe and effective use.

“Just six months after vaccination, the defense (antibody) titers diminished and experts recommended my vaccination procedure,” Putin said at a government meeting Wednesday.

He said he had no unpleasant effects after receiving the nasal vaccine.

In recent weeks, Russia has been hit by a record high of COVID-19, and authorities regularly register a record high number of new infections and deaths.

The vaccination rate was low and the public’s attitude toward taking preventive measures was loose, and the number increased sharply. Despite Russia’s approval of the domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine for most of the world a few months ago, less than 40% of Russia’s nearly 146 million people are fully vaccinated.

The Russian Oblast Coronavirus Task Force reported 33,558 new infections and 1,240 deaths on Wednesday. In total, the Task Force reported more than 9.4 million confirmed infections and more than 267,000 COVID-19 deaths. This is by far the highest death toll in Europe. Some experts believe that the true numbers are even higher.

A retrospective aggregation of coronavirus-related mortality reveals a much higher mortality rate, according to a report by Russian statistics service Rosst. They say that 462,000 people with COVID-19 died between April 2020 and September of this year.

Russian officials say the task force contains only deaths mainly due to COVID-19 and uses data from medical facilities. Rosstat uses a broader standard for counting virus-related deaths and obtains that number from the Citizens’ Registry, which has confirmed death registrations.


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