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Q&A: LSU coach Jay Johnson on recruiting the transfer portal, his first season and more | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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It’s been less than three weeks since the LSU baseball team lost to Southern Mississippi in the NCAA Hatsburg Regional winner on June 6th, ending the first season of Ja Johnson’s Tigers. Many have already changed.

Breathtaking comebacks and a strong lineup sometimes marked the years above and below. However, during the LSU season, the starting pitchers were thin, the defenses were unstable, and the bullpen was tired, so it was eventually restored.

In addition to the participating seniors, two other players (high draft picks Cade Doughty and Jacob Berry) may have played last in the LSU uniform.

With more than six players participating in the transfer portal, LSU has already involved two notable players. Clayton’s right-handed Dyrante Break, two-time All-Big East pitcher, and Baylor shortstop Jack Pineda. Vanderbilt’s right-handed Christian Little also posted this week via Instagram, where he was visiting LSU.

More movement may continue in both directions.

In addition, two assistant coaches are now in charge of their program — Dan Fitzgerald, Kansas. Jason Kelly in Washington.

Johnson briefly spoke with an advocate reporter at a live show at WNXX-FM, 104.5 on Thursday afternoon to discuss his first year at LSU, his views on the transfer portal, and more.

Was the media duty a culture shock for you?

No, I was pretty much expecting everyone to love LSU baseball, so everyone wants to talk about LSU baseball and write about LSU baseball. It’s great for our players, and (and) for our program.

Are you just updating the forwarding portal non-stop?

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No; it’s a good fit. Obviously, the tragic end of our season. I’m really proud of our team. From a pitching point of view, frankly, we’re running out of bullets, so we’re paying attention to what we can do to help us in areas where we’ll be a little more comfortable in the Major League Baseball draft. (Transfer portal) covers itself in a different way than before. Just looking for someone who can complement your repeaters is a good start.

What would it be like to hire without an assistant coach?

I’m having a little fun. That said, I’m very happy to have staff here soon, but that allows me to go back a bit as a recruitment coordinator (in San Diego) in the late 2000s. You are wearing yourself and some hats. I think the excitement right now is that the people we’re talking about can quickly influence the team next year. That wasn’t always the case.

In baseball jobs, we’ve seen two and three years in class, but dynamics have changed a lot on the transfer portal. It’s like college basketball coaches have a one-off type of thinking and their feelings. Recruitment is usually slower and more competitive. To be honest, I enjoy it.

If you need to choose someone to invest all your money in the College World Series, who will you choose to win?

Good question. From a logical point of view, it’s Oklahoma. Oklahoma doesn’t have to play (Thursday), has a few advantages of taking extra holidays to set up the pitching rotation, and has two great starters.

But we didn’t bet on either team, as the two toughest opponents for us this year were arkansas and Oremis. It should be a good finish. ((((Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted before Oremis defeated Arkansas to advance to the CWS final.).

What food do you like to grab on the road?

Good question. I like to eat. The post-match meal after the win is my favorite meal.

Q&A: LSU coach Jay Johnson on recruiting the transfer portal, his first season and more | LSU Source link Q&A: LSU coach Jay Johnson on recruiting the transfer portal, his first season and more | LSU

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