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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-21 07:14:27 –

Marietta, Georgia (NewsNation Now) — Schools across the country are looking for less confusing ways to minimize risk, other than sending students to quarantine to wait for an emergency use authorization. COVID-19 vaccine For kids.

Grand Rivera, director of the Marietta City School in Georgia, said: “It poses difficulties for families, causes loss of learning, and creates more trauma for children.”

Marietta City Schools is on the ever-growing list of districts experimenting with new approaches.

“We found that Massachusetts has a model that bypasses the modified quarantine,” says Rivera. “They call it” test and stay. ” “

Test and Stay is basically a modified quarantine that allows children to stay in school as long as they are regularly tested and adhere to precautions such as wearing masks and social distance.

If the child is identified as school-based intimate contact and asymptomatic, the child will undergo a rapid test daily for 7 days before school, rather than a week to 10 days of quarantine.

“In fact, if they test negative, they are allowed to come to school that day,” Rivera said.

If the test returns positive, they need to be quarantined.

Schools from California to Illinois are adopting the new COVID-19 test model.

“These tests give us a lot more peace of mind because we know who is positive and who isn’t on a daily basis,” said Harvard School of Epidemiology and Immunology Associate Professor. One Dr. Michael Mina said. public health.

A study published by Lancet last week suggests that this approach may be safe and effective.

“I think the numbers are compelling. A national survey shows that 1-3% of asymptomatic school-based close associates test positive, that is, 7, 10, or. Frankly speaking, 97-99% of students who have been quarantined for 14 days never test positive, “says Rivera.

“I think it’s a safe alternative to keeping them out of school for quarantine, but there are advantages to both. Especially for children who don’t have a COVID, let them go to school as much as possible. “. Jessica Bargeron, the parent of the Marietta City School District.

While gaining support, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not endorsed this approach, stating that more data is needed before it can be recommended. However, the agency said it is working closely with the districts that are trying it and is collecting more information.

Quarantine for kids? School districts try ‘Test and Stay’ COVID-19 testing model Source link Quarantine for kids? School districts try ‘Test and Stay’ COVID-19 testing model

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