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Quartz Co. Acquires Want Les Essentiels

Canadian luxury brand Want Les Essentials has been acquired by the Robert brothers – Jean-Philippe, Francois-Zavier, Guillaume – who own the winter coat brand Quartz Company.

Quartz Co. acquires Want Les Essentiels. –Facebook: I want Les Essentials

Two co-founders, Want Les Essentiels, Byron and Dexter Peart, broke up with a luxury leather goods brand in 2017 after 15 years of business. Mark Edwards Apparel Inc. is a private label manufacturer and importer based in Montreal. Brothers’ success stories are popular with fans in the Canadian fashion scene.

Now, the new brothers are taking the brand of bags, shoes and accessories made from meticulously procured materials and attention to detail to the next level.

Jean-Philippe, President of Quartz Co., said: It also integrates quality, responsible design and functionality. This acquisition will strengthen our position in the premium clothing and accessories market.

Jean-Philippe said the two brands will continue to be developed independently, despite sharing similar brand values. As owners, they manage all activities of Want Les Essentiels, especially design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, while integrating their current Montreal-based team.

Quartz Co. has tripled its sales since 2015, growing 40% year-on-year. Designed and manufactured in Quebec, the company’s winter coats are sold in major fashion banners and well-known outdoor stores in more than 15 countries.

“I am confident that Want Les Essentials will continue to thrive thanks to the leadership of Jean-Philippe, Francis Xavier and Guillaume Robert,” said Mark Edwards Group Managing Partner and Want. -Les Essentials co-founder Mark Wilzer added.

Their solid expertise in the fashion and luxury industry can drive the growth of this iconic Montreal brand, which is recognized around the world. “

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Quartz Co. Acquires Want Les Essentiels

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