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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-04-07 13:50:31 –

Order pizza online, but let the audience decide on toppings. View your favorite objects and let the actor guess the story behind them. Or select your favorite YouTube video and share it on your screen.

This is a “party” we were invited to, courtesy of the Quasimodo Theater Ensemble. YouAreHereYouAre Appropriately entitled “Empathic Event”. And we all deserve to create and maintain creativity and connection in this pandemic era. The 90-minute interactive work (break at the discretion of the viewer) was created by Alli Engelsma-Mosser, Jeffrey Mosser (also director), Brendan J. Mulhern, and Sophia Tyler Shrand. Presented as a “virtual interactive theatrical experience,” it’s a more intimate night when friends will soon share, laugh, play games, and eventually try to connect while physically separated. .. It’s fresh and fun, and in the end, a group of virtual strangers know each other better. At least for now.

For beginners, this is what we have now, “theatre at another time, another place.” Stream of consciousness, personal and intimate. If you like, call it “virtual voyeur”. But predicting what will happen can be fresh and exciting.

Brendan J. Mulhern’s interactive work highlights this type of theater that makes Quasimond’s work unexpected yet satisfying. Talking about someone’s scarf, a basket full of Easter eggs, or a piece of colorful glass was both insightful and humorous. Still, each of the five actors has found a way to weave in serious points to consider.

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“How about making new friends when you get older?” Bullseye. We can all be involved in it in some way. Mulhern looks introspectively when starting a “party game”. Despite being virtual but vulnerable, even Alexander Quinones’ real-time work on pizza selection and ordering explores what it would be like to have a “stranger” choose for us. When you do, you end up under the surface (at least the crust). Live with the results. In this case, some unexpected topping choices extend his boundaries, at least not beyond the range of taste.

Theater has always been such a live and collective experience. But even the gallery view is not the same if it is driven to the computer screen. Bu, Quasimond shows that we can find a way through this time and actually see ourselves being reflected by others beyond that screen.

We are always looking for ourselves among others and verifying ourselves through others, “actor Kinones puts us back completely at the end of the show. YouAreHereYouAre It reminds us that in this pandemic era, we can continue the “party” by looking back at the screen and interacting virtually. alone. But together.

YouAreHereYouAre It will only run online until 8 pm on Saturday, April 24th. For more information, please visit:

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