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Baldwin, Louisiana-The mother of 15-year-old Kuawan “Bobby” Charles, a black teenager found dead in Louisiana earlier this month, says she believes authorities could prevent it. And his death talking exclusively to “Good Morning America”.

“Kuawan was a good boy and a loving kid. I loved him and he loved me,” Roxanne Nelson said. “I can’t sleep the way I want at night. I’m always thinking about my son and trying to figure out exactly how he died.”

Nelson reported that his son was missing on October 30th. Police released a video this week showing a teenager leaving his father’s house on the day he disappeared and getting into a car with his friend’s mother who was driving with a friend. Charles’ body was found four days later, on November 3, in a sugar cane field about 20 miles from his home.

His face was barely recognizable, and the incident gained national attention after a graphic photo of Charles’ body was displayed next to 14-year-old Emmett Till, who was lynched in 1955 on the family fundraising page. ..

Nelson said she believed the police could have saved her son if they acted faster.

“They could have done more. They didn’t. They didn’t do what they were supposed to do. They were supposed to do. If I had done that, my son would be alive today, but I feel because my son was black, it didn’t matter to them. “

The municipality has never notified the state police to issue an Amber Alert and has not reported the disappearance of Kuawan to the local media.

“If anyone did the job, Quawan would probably be alive today,” said Chase Trichel, a Charles family attorney.
In response to police critics, Baldwin police chief Samuel Wise said the search began as soon as Charles was reported missing. According to Wise, the incident at the time issued an amber alert to a missing child in that there were no signs of kidnapping or the boy was in serious harm or imminent danger of death. It was not justified.

“We didn’t drop the ball. We did our best to help this family,” Wise said.

Still, Trichel pointed out other cases of missing children whose police took quicker action, saying he believed that Charles’ case was different because of his race.

“I don’t think they saw Kuawan and their children. I don’t think his life was high enough at the totem pole and they ran out of all resources,” he said.

An autopsy by a coroner and an independent autopsy performed for Charles’ family showed that he had drowned and that he had no signs of suffering trauma or illness before he died. According to Lafayette’s The Daily Advertiser, a toxicology report is pending.

The Iberian parish sheriff’s office is investigating the death for possible murder due to “suspicious situations,” spokeswoman Catherine Blow said last week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Quawan Charles investigation: Mother of Black teen found dead speaks out, says police ‘could have done more’ Source link Quawan Charles investigation: Mother of Black teen found dead speaks out, says police ‘could have done more’

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