Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Queen Elizabeth II And Prince phillip I was vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine during an ongoing pandemic.

Buckingham Palace officials confirmed in a statement that the couple had been shot at Windsor Castle on Saturday, January 9. Despite the rare nature of comments about her health, the monarch, 94, “decided to inform her that she had been vaccinated” to prevent inaccuracies and speculation.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. Shutterstock

The UK launched mass vaccination activities on December 8th. About 1.5 million people in Japan have already been vaccinated for the first time.

Elizabeth and Philip, 99, withdrew to Windsor Castle in March 2020 as the global health crisis worsened. She left the quarantine in October 2020 and attended the first public royal engagement since the blockade.

Prince Charles And Prince William I have already been infected with a virus and have recovered from it. Buckingham Palace assured in a statement that the monarch remained “healthy” and “followed all appropriate advice regarding her welfare” after news of the diagnosis of her eldest son was reported in March 2020.

In the midst of a pandemic, the Queen leaned on Duchess of Kate To keep things tidy. “These are strange times for everyone, including the senior royal family, and having Kate as a rock has made it much easier for the Queen to adapt to her new life in Windsor.” Source said exclusively We weekly August 2020. “Above all, knowing that Kate and Prince William can handle the problem in the absence is the best comfort she can ask for.”

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, is backed by her grandmother-in-law in her efforts to assume more responsibility in the royal family. “Your Majesty sees Cambridge as the future of monarchy and implicitly trusts Kate and William’s judgment,” said the insider. “Kate wants advice on the speech she plans to give. She asks for the most reliable speech in the palace and what the Protocol should and shouldn’t do. The Queen asks her. She is pleased to share her wisdom — she is proud to be a reliable adviser to Catherine’s royal life. “

William, 38, revealed in April 2020 that he was worried about the Queen and her husband during a pandemic. “Obviously, I think very carefully about my grandparents. They are doing everything they can to make sure they are the age they are and that they are quarantined and protected. “I will.” He said. BBC breakfast Morning show. “But that worries me.”

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Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip Get COVID-19 Vaccine

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