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Windsor, England >> Today, Queen Elizabeth, who was sitting alone at Prince Phillip’s funeral, cut a majestic but lonely figure. Still a monarch, but now I’m alone.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Queen sat away from her family in a simple but solemn ceremony, following strict rules of social distance. But if the ceremony was for someone else, she had her 73-year-old husband on her side, who served the crown for a lifetime.

The queen wore a face mask and was all black, except for a flashing diamond brooch on her left shoulder. This is what I often wore when dating my husband.

The monarch’s four children and eight grandchildren were sitting in a small group nearby during the stripped service at Windsor Castle. The pandemic puts the British royal family in the same position as many others and can no longer give their loved ones the see-off they would have wanted.

Only 30 mourners were allowed to attend a worship service for the prince who died on April 9 at the age of 99.

“We were inspired by our unwavering loyalty to the Queen, our service to the nation and the Commonwealth, our courage, our indomitable spirit, and our faith,” said David Connor, Dean of Windsor, in a prayer call. I did. “Our life has been enriched through the challenges he has imposed on us. The encouragement he has given us. His kindness, humor, and humanity.”

Philip’s body was taken to the St. George’s Chapel in Land Rover’s castle, which was specially designed by the prince himself. Since then, members of the royal family, including Prince William and Prince Harry, have conducted a controversial interview with US television host Oprah Winfrey by Harry and his wife Megan to discuss the difficulties of royal life. We performed publicly together for the first time. And how the two brothers grew apart.

The procession crossed the grounds of Windsor Castle and passed through an army detachment lined under a bright blue sky.

The country honored Philip with a minute of silence observed throughout England at 3 pm, the beginning and end of which was marked by guns fired by the Royal Horse Artillery. The final shot marked the beginning of a funeral infused with military and royal traditions, but with the duke’s personality.

Inside the medieval Gothic chapel, which was the setting for centuries of royal weddings and funerals, the service was quiet and without excessive paging. Philip was deeply involved in the planning of the ceremony. At his request, there was no sermon. Following the royal tradition, there were no compliments or readings.

Former London bishop Richard Chartres, who was familiar with Philip, said the 50-minute service reflected the taste of the prince, who was a believer but liked to be concise.

“He was at home in the wide, high and low churches, but what he really liked was the short church,” Chartres told the BBC.

The monarch offered her own touch that day. Prior to the funeral, Buckingham Palace published a photo of the Queen and Philip in 2003, smiling and relaxing on a blanket on the grass in the Scottish Highlands. The palace said casual, poseless photography was the Queen’s favorite.

Earlier in the day, several locals left flowers outside the castle, but most listened to requests to move away from the palace and police for a pandemic.

The funeral procession and worship itself took place on the grounds of a 950-year-old royal castle, 20 miles west of London, out of public. It was broadcast live on TV.

The day’s event began at 11:00 am and Philip’s casket was moved from the royal private chapel to the inner hall of Windsor Castle, where he rested until the procession began. The casket was covered by Philip’s personal standards, covered by the Admiral of the Fleet and a sword. The sword was given to him by his father-in-law, George VI, when he married the Queen in 1947.

The wreaths on the casket were flowers of the Queen’s choice, such as white lilies, small white roses, white freesias, white wax flowers, white sweet pea, and jasmine. A memo from the monarch has been attached, but its contents have not been disclosed.

The funeral reflected Philip’s military ties as a ceremonial commander for many units and as a veteran of the British Navy who made outstanding achievements during World War II. More than 700 military personnel participated in commemorative events such as the military band, the Royal Marines Bagler, and the Honorary Guards gathered from the entire army.

The military also sent a wreath placed outside the St. George’s Chapel. Some of them had handwritten notes. One said the Royal Marines wanted to pay tribute to a man who “stood with us and between us for 64 years.”

Lieutenant Colonel Roland Walker, Lieutenant Colonel of the Grenadier Guards Regiment, said he was honored to join his unit for a close relationship with the Prince. Philip served as his honorary leader, the Regimental Colonel of the Guard, for 42 years.

“This is a privilege,” he told the BBC. “In my understanding, we are here because he was planning this and he wanted us here. It’s a known fact, even to junior guards. I think.”

Prince Philip and the Queen’s children (Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward) walked behind the hearse with other members of the royal family. The Queen followed at Bentley.

William and Harry were part of a nine-member royal delegation, even though their cousin Peter Phillips was walking between them. Since Harry decided to quit his royal duties and move to California, their relationship has been tense and there has been no apparent tension between his brothers. After worship, the two returned to the castle together and seemed to be chatting.

Attending the worship service inspired memories of Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. William and Harry, then 15 and 12 years old, were walking behind their mother’s casket with Philip.

In honor of Philip’s military service, some elements of the funeral are associated with sailors and seek protection “for those at risk at sea” hymn “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” Had a maritime theme that included.

When Philip’s casket was dropped onto the Royal Vault, the Royal Marine Bagler rang the “Action Station.” This is an alarm that warns sailors to prepare for battle, which is included in the service at Philip’s request. He rests there with the remains of 24 other royalty, including George III, who ruled the era of the American Revolutionary War, at least until the Queen’s death. The Queen and Philip will be buried together in the Royal Cemetery at Frogmore Estate near Windsor Castle.

For decades, Philip has been a staple of British life, famous for the creation of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award program, which encourages young people to challenge themselves, and for their candid speech, sometimes with totally offensive remarks. .. He lived in the shadow of his wife, but his death caused remorse for his role and new appreciation from many in Britain.

“To be honest, I didn’t know how long his life was or what he did for all of us,” said Bib Davis, who began to pay homage to Windsor. Told. “He was a great husband for the Queen and her children. It’s just notable — and I don’t think we’ll ever see anything like that.”

Queen Elizabeth II sits alone to say goodbye to husband Philip after 73 years of marriage Source link Queen Elizabeth II sits alone to say goodbye to husband Philip after 73 years of marriage

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