Queen Elizabeth is becoming less active

T.Prince Regent didn’t enjoy his regent much. When he stood in for the “crazy” George III, he called it “Performing at the King”. He got drunk, took laudanum, squandered his money, had a mistress like his wife, trousers with diamond buttons, and a lot of breakfast. He eventually became so fat that by 1822, by the time of George IV’s coronation, he looked, in the words of one portraitist, “like a large sausage stuffed into a shroud.” .

Monarchies don’t like regents. Not without reason. For one thing, they ruin the mythology of the royal family. If you have difficulty convincing people that you are God’s chosen representative on earth, you can simply stand for God’s choice for a moment while others are indifferent. It’s even harder to convince people of a thing. Among other things, England’s regents and royal deputies managed to lose their country’s vast wealth, the king they were supposed to care for, and, on one particularly inadvertent occasion, control over France. Tracy Bowman, author of The Crown and Scepter, wrote that the regents of England were “almost always [been] disaster”.

Yet even though kings and queens no longer use swashbuckles as they once did, the royal makeshift role is still essential. Today it may be because they are too old. The Regency Act of 1937 states that a regency may occur if it is determined that a monarch is “incapable of performing the functions of the royal family for the time being due to mental or physical infirmity”.

The current Queen is clearly not incompetent, but she is clearly less capable than before. Her list of royal engagements shows that they’ve been going down a slow, gradual slope from a decidedly high base for some time now: 831 in 2011. In 2019 she had 295. In 2021, she will have 184 cases, more than half of which were done by phone or video link. In 2015, she stopped traveling abroad. During her year, she was unable to attend the Respect for the Aged Day service. her own jubilee Then came the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on July 28th. At the state legislative opening ceremony in May, her crown was placed on a cushion in her place.

And when the queen doesn’t do something prince charles As with state opening ceremonies and the start of federal conventions, we often do it on her behalf. One Craig Prescott says. “Legally… far from it,” because “behind the scenes, on a day-to-day constitutional basis, the Queen continues to be very responsible.”

The constitutional bit is important.A Modern Monarch May Have Little Power—Walter Bagehot, 19th Century Editor economist, noted that the Queen “will have to sign her own death warrant” if Parliament presents it to her, but they have several. “Royal privilege” is of little importance. If the Queen does not exercise her right to claim unmarked swans, sturgeons, or, as her 1322 law states, all whales caught “in the sea or elsewhere in her realm” unlikely to stop.

But if the Queen did not appoint a Prime Minister, dissolve Parliament, or give the King’s consent to legislation, the country would be very upset. And when her crown went to parliament on her behalf, it made a great realization. must rotate. Parliament was paralyzed when George III’s “ulcerated heart” left him to alternately set fire to his page wig and cry in a straitjacket in his room . The flip side of Bagehot’s observation of the death sentence is that not only did the Queen have to sign her warrant, but Parliament could not execute her until she did.

The Queen still performs most of her essential constitutional functions. This isn’t trivial, says Prescott.In the minds of these “publics [are] It’s probably more important than the somewhat arcane constitutional features that go on mostly behind the scenes. ’ In fact, few people know better than the Queen herself. One of her reasons why she always wears bright colors is so that people can find her. Prescott said that now that she’s seen less and less, “in public, it looks like we have a shadow regent.”

Shadow Regents naturally give more attention to Shadow Regents. Charles doesn’t always come out of this well. “Your Highness, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Chester, Earl of Carrick, Earl of Merioneth, Baron Renfrew, Baron Greenwich, Lord Isles, Great Steward of Scotland” was described by his critics as less He has been called a ‘twerp’, ‘a prat’, a meddlesome and conceited, or ‘prince of grief’.

Charles’ criticism is sometimes cruel. It can overlook his outstanding qualities, one being his hard work and his environmentalism, which went from seemingly unique to visionary. But it is not unfounded. He did something breathtakingly ridiculous — he recently took money in a suitcase from a Qatari politician (no indication of wrongdoing by either party) — that his authority Not only that, but it undermines the authority of the company as a whole.

And it’s hard for him to compete with the Queen while she’s alive. After all, her life was very long. Service, relentless. Few people would hate her for taking more time off. They may feel more ambiguous about her understudy.

Queen Elizabeth is becoming less active

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