Queen hosts Joe Biden for tea at Windsor Castle | Joe Biden

Joe Biden and his wife Jill visited the Queen for a cup of tea at Windsor Castle on Sunday afternoon. This is the second meeting between the British monarchs and US leaders during their trip to England.

The 13th President of the United States, who met Elizabeth II, had a personal meeting of about three-quarters of an hour after visiting the honor guard in the central square of Windsor Castle.

A photo of the Queen and her visitors was taken in the castle’s Great Corridor, but details of their discussion were not disclosed. A small monarch dressed in pink is surrounded by tall visitors.

PA Media reported a fragment of the conversation he heard when the official party headed inside the castle. Queen Said the President: “You have completed your story.” Biden replied: “Yes, we did.”

Biden visits the honor guard at Windsor Castle. Photo: Reuters

The 78-year-old took off from Cornwall on a Marine One helicopter and arrived at Windsor on a black Range Rover. There, two months after her husband’s death, she was greeted by a 95-year-old queen who stood alone. Prince Phillip.

Obviously reassuring each other, Biden then inspected the army himself, thus preventing the repeat of Donald Trump’s fake walk in front of the Queen on his own visit to Windsor in 2018.

Since visiting Washington with Harry Truman as the Queen in 1951, the Queen has met all US Presidents except Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s. The first US president to visit Windsor was Ronald Reagan, who rode a horse with the monarch in 1982.

Between G7 At the summit, the royal family played a particularly active role, with the Queen hosting Biden and other receptions. G7 The leaders of the Eden Project in Cornwall were also attended by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and his wife Kate, and Duchess of Cambridge.

Earlier, the president was 15 minutes late for a 9 am mass at Sacred Heart and St. Ives Catholic Church as his cavalry negotiated a winding street in St. Ives, Cornwall.

Diocese resident Anne Buckley said: He did not arrive on time. He missed his father’s sermon. My father didn’t wait for him. He has another mass in Penzance. “

Her brother, Martin, was disappointed that Boris Johnson didn’t even visit.

“Boris gets married at Westminster Cathedral, but he doesn’t come here. What a great opportunity he didn’t come.”

Father Philip Dyson admitted that he was a little nervous during his service, stating that he had not been given prior warning that the president and his wife would join them for service.

“I welcomed him to Cornwall, and said he was enjoying his time here, and there were many serious problems they were discussing, and it bears fruit. I hope that.

“I think the G7 was a great opportunity. The Bible reading was appropriate because it was about creation, climate, and the growth of things, and it was absolutely appropriate for that opportunity.”

He added that the scriptures were not chosen “by choice”, adding: The word of God is always perfect. “

Queen hosts Joe Biden for tea at Windsor Castle | Joe Biden

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