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QI ask myself uestions:

• How sorry do you feel about Brittney Griner?

Greener is a WNBA Phoenix Mercury star player. Like many WNBA players, she can (and does) make much more money by playing abroad during the WNBA’s off-season than she does in the United States. In mid-February, when Greener was arrested at a major Moscow airport for having hashish oil in her luggage, she headed to Russia to play for the UMMC Ekaterinberg team. Since then, she has been detained by Russian authorities and charged with drug smuggling. If convicted of her, she could be sentenced to up to 10 years in a Russian prison.

A more complex issue is the US coordination of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its strong response. Some believe that Greener is used as a pawn and, if convicted, will be part of a prisoner exchange with Russians.

Many people and organizations jumped into Greener’s defense. The WNBA has urged the Biden administration to secure her release. Civil rights and human rights groups participated. The Biden administration has taken steps to state that Greener is “illegally detained,” whatever that means. However, she is stuck there and she could be brought to justice soon.

I certainly hope the cooler heads dominate and everything works. I hope she will soon be able to return to Mercury’s home, where she is struggling hard without her with her wife. (I was hoping that Diana Torashi, who is still playing at the age of 40, would go out to the top or near it. Instead, at 6-11, they are near the last place.)

But I can’t help but wonder how foolish it is to bring drugs to other countries. I have never used medicine. It was a decision I made a long time ago, and if you don’t start, it’s really easy to stay on that course. I’m not going to give all the sermons. I know that some people (many people) are using drugs for a variety of reasons. Anything is fine. Our society has softened our view of certain types of drug use. For many now it’s like the name of the old Doobie Brothers album.

If medicines are very important to a person and risk imprisonment for 10 years, she probably needs to reassess her priorities. Maybe she thought she would let her pass or slip her because she was a Russian minor celebrity. It’s still ridiculous.

If I’ve been in Mecca, I’m not going to shout derogatory things about Muhammad (in fact, I don’t do it anywhere, but definitely not Mecca). And I’m not going to spit in Singapore. Brittney Griner should have had enough sense not to bring drugs into Russia.

• How difficult is it to teach an announcer proper grammar?

Recent moves have recognized that they are moving towards a more folk voice when presenting and discussing sports on the radio and television. I’m all about getting people who play the game to share their experiences and expertise. And, to be fair, it is doubtful that many of them majored in English while in college. But how difficult is ESPN setting up a very basic language course for announcers? Every time I hear the announcer say, “He has to go to the left,” it’s like being stabbed in a hazy ice pick.

I don’t think everyone sounds like Benedict Cumberbatch, but around the 4th grade, you should have learned the difference between the past tense (“went”) and the past participle (“would have been”). Now I’m not crazy. We don’t expect American adults to correctly identify the term “participle,” but we don’t really want a well-paid announcer to put together a decent sentence.

If you run ESPN or any other outlet, have the announcer complete the language course mentioned above and connect to a device that gives an electrical shock when it’s broadcast. Every time they slaughter the language.

• How do they play soccer and other sports in large bodies of water?

In what city do the New York Yankees play when they go to Florida to play against American League rivals? Unfortunately, most professional announcers happen to answer the waters of Tampa Bay. It makes me crazy. In fact, they don’t even play Tampa. They play in St. Petersburg, opposite Tampa Bay from Tampa. (NFL Buccaneers and NHL Lightning both play in Tampa, but neither actually plays in Tampa Bay.)

Why is this so difficult?

Questions about Brittney Griner, sports announcers and geography | Explorer Source link Questions about Brittney Griner, sports announcers and geography | Explorer

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