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Ed. — — Independent news I asked a Virginia Beach treasurer candidate to answer questions about the issue. These answers are generally not edited by newspapers, except for the basic format and some simple copy edits. Candidates are listed in voting order. Please send feedback and letters to Or contact the editor via

V. League Henderson

Residence: Pango

Year: 43

Profession: Virginia Beach Treasury Secretary

Education / Military Service: 2 Bachelor’s degree (Finance and Accounting)

Recommendation: Barry Knight, Senator Bill Destev, Glen Davis


phone: (757) 621-2523

Email: Voting Lee Henderson @

Social media: Facebook @voteleighhenderson

What are the specific qualifications for this office? I started as an entry-level accountant and have worked for the City Accounting Office for 21 years. I have held accounting and investment manager and chief deputy positions and have learned all aspects of my business.

I became an treasurer in January 2019 due to my former treasurer retirement and won a special election in November 2019. I have the knowledge and experience in every aspect of the office and participate in every technical project. I oversee annual revenues of over $ 2 billion and manage an investment portfolio that reached $ 1 billion at the end of June 2021.

I serve on the board of the Virginia Treasury Secretary’s Association and the Virginia Investment Pool (VIP), an investment vehicle for local governments to invest jointly to carefully achieve operating and reserve returns. I am.

I am also a Certified Finance Expert at the Association for Financial Professionals and a Master Government Treasury Officer at the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia. I work with other city departments and council members to maintain operations and continually improve the process.

Describe your experience in the areas of finance and / or income collection. In 2000, I graduated from ODU with two bachelor’s degrees. One is accounting and the other is finance. For four years, I took the classes required to obtain Master Government Sub-Accounting designation from UVA’s Weldon Cooper Public Service Center. Immediately after becoming an treasurer, I took additional classes and became a master government treasurer. I am a Certified Financial Professional designated by the Association for Financial Professionals. This education focuses on specific aspects of the finance officer’s position, including banking, cash management, investment management, government accounting, technology, internal control, and payback. For over 20 years I have done the job or have been familiar with all aspects of the operation of an accounting firm.

Please explain your management experience. I have been an accounting and investment manager for over 7 years and about 20 employees have reported to me. For two years, I was the Chief Deputy Accountant for about 75 employees and all office operations. I am involved in all technology projects and have managed and coordinated activities with multiple stakeholders in both the City Finance Department and the Partners / Vendors. I believe in setting an example and leading. I believe in learning operations from scratch. I believe in serving the citizens of Virginia Beach and have been devoted to this mission for over 20 years. As an accountant, I try to convey this philosophy to my employees.

How do you work with individuals and small businesses to address the ongoing financial challenges associated with the new coronavirus? In March 2020, I created my own payment plan and notified the city council before taking action in this area. After signing the contract, the plan allows the company to defer all payments without penalty until the end of the emergency, after which it determines the terms of the payment schedule.

I also worked with the city council on the adoption of ordinances to support citizens and businesses during these difficult times. I worked together to support qualified citizens in utilities and social welfare programs. It’s the accounting responsibility to collect taxes, but I’m an open line of communication and continue to work with citizens and businesses on delinquency. My goal is to keep businesses open and allow citizens to support their families, while complying with all city and state regulations and laws.

How do you work with city authorities to ensure that your office works properly? For over 20 years at an accounting firm, I have built strong relationships with all the departments in which the accounting firm does business. Many other city departments use accounting services for billing and collection.

I will also work with the city council on issues related to the office. Coordinating with real estate appraisers, revenue commissioners, IT departments, and finance remains a priority to ensure proper claiming, collection, and reporting of tax revenues.


Residence: Lynn Haven Shores

Year: 51

Profession: Citizen Leader and Candidate to Become Virginia Beach’s Next City Treasury Secretary

Education / Military Service: Associate Bachelor’s Degree

Main recommendations: Book. Dr. Amelia Ross Hammond, Former Virginia Beach City Councilor, Founder and Chairman of the Virginia African-American Cultural Center. Treasury Secretary of Hampton, Virginia, Honorable Molly Ward.Virginia Beach Police Charity Association


phone: (757) 639-6335


Social media: @LauraWoodHabr on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

What are the specific qualifications for this office? The treasurer of our state’s largest city must be the leader of the big picture who understands how the position will be positive, rather than penalizing the city of Virginia Beach and its citizens. I can’t. Doing business on Virginia Beach must be easy and predictable. I pledge to remove obstacles, help all citizens and set up an accounting firm that is a loyal manager of cash and assets in this great city.

For over 25 years, I co-owned Croc’s Restaurant on 19th Street. I started the first Virginia Beach Restaurant Week in the state, expanded my business late in the year, and other cities soon followed.

My first political advance was to protect restaurant staff and customers by banning restaurant smoking throughout the state. I am very proud that the Governor came to Crocs and signed the bill. Next was the battle against ocean drilling, which was also the battle between David and Goliath. After winning it, our team started promoting offshore wind turbines, a project that is attracting worldwide attention. In 2019, Virginia Beach Jacey recognized me as the number one citizen of Virginia Beach, and in 2021 I was also awarded the Human Rights Award by the Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission.

If you elect me, I will work for Virginia Beach taxpayers and to ensure that their experience is quick and fair, yet the best caretaker of the city’s financial assets. I promise.

Describe your experience in the areas of finance and / or income collection. If you need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to collect a tax office on the darkest day of the pandemic, it may not be the best qualification for this job. If you are not familiar with financial issues, you will not be able to own or operate a small business for 25 years. And while I’m a small business owner (not a civil servant) and have no experience in raising income, it’s important to manage cash wisely to be successful as an owner. The former treasurer had been in that position for 43 years and was not an accountant. Also, most other Virginia accountants do not have an accounting degree. Most important in this position are the commitment and experience of being a leader of employees, and the effective and loyal steward of cash and financial assets.

Please explain your management experience. The job of city accounting requires effective leadership and constant support of taxpayers. We know what it takes to inspire team members and develop, lead, and operate a successful organization. I have co-owned and successfully operated an independent restaurant on Virginia Beach for over a quarter of a century. To encourage and support the development of other independent businesses, I established the first non-profit farmers market (Old Beach Farmers Market). region. I helped promote the Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign and was honored as a friend of Virginia Beach Agriculture. Finally, in 2015, he became the founder of the non-profit 501C-3 ViBe Creative District, a business alliance to protect the Atlantic coast. It has membership, volunteers, supporters, and a board of directors covering all 14 states along the Atlantic coast.

How do you work with individuals and small businesses to address the ongoing financial challenges associated with the new coronavirus? I have hosted roundtables and have communicated with city, state and federal leaders and stakeholders throughout the pandemic. I also wrote a restaurant recovery plan to help our industry survive the pandemic.

In the future, as a city treasurer, we will work tirelessly to help citizens and small business owners overcome pandemics and potential economic challenges. I identify and partner with nonprofits, and housing insecurity faced by many citizens due to the current accounting policy of actively enforcing tax offices that are damaging many in our city. Helps to alleviate. I work with partners in the business, government, non-profit, and banking sectors to create and implement plans that will help all citizens survive this pandemic storm.

How do you work with city authorities to ensure that your office works properly? On the first day of my inauguration, I order an independent audit to identify significant reforms and improvements in how accounting firms and other city departments lead a new era of transparency and accountability. I work closely with other city departments and city leaders to ensure that accounting firms are continually improving the way they support citizens and manage cash and other financial assets. increase. Finally, the staff of City Treasury will work tirelessly to become the most performant and most responsive department of the city government as a whole. We work for Virginia Beach citizens and never forget our mission to provide the best possible service.

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