Quick Tips About Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes the shape of ones nose. It can change the appearance of the nose and also improve breathing or both.

The upper portion of the structure of the nose is bone, and the lower is cartilage. This surgery can change bone, cartilage, skin or all three. People undergo this surgery due to different reasons. Trauma or cosmetic or wardrobe reasons make people opt for this very surgery. So, if you are unhappy with the way your nose looks then this is a wonder way of fixing it. These days this very surgery is in hype. Various celebrities have undergone this surgery to improve their facial features.

How to Find the Best Doctor for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is commonly known as nose job. It is a surgical procedure by which the shape and size of a person’s nose is changed. Many people are going for this procedure these days. The reasons may be varied. It can be done either for cosmetic reasons or wardrobe reasons. But there are several other reasons too for people to go for a surgery. Other reasons by which people go for this surgery are one who have undergone trauma. Any find of injury may also trigger one to get this very surgery. Cosmetic reasons for going for rhinoplasty are a hit these days. Many specialized surgeons carry out this surgery. One must do a thorough check on surgeons before going for this very surgery. The best doctor is the one who

  • Is certified
  • Has ample experience in the field of rhinoplasty
  • Authroitized for carrying out the procedure
  • Knows what he or she is doing
  • Can explain the procedure and convince you about the surgery.

If you happen to find a doctor or surgeon with the above mentioned qualities then you can definitely go for him or her. These days internet has come up has a potent medium to research about surgeons and clinics. Read review and compare before and after pictures. You are then definitely good to go.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

Rhinoplasty commonly known as nose job is a surgical procedure by which the shape and size of one’s nose. Many people go for this procedure for cosmetic or wardrobe reasons. But there are several other reasons that make people opt for this very surgery. Trauma is one reason that makes people go for rhinoplasty. If in case your nose has suffered some find of injury then one can use this surgery. But one factor that is making this surgery a hit these days is mainly for cosmetic reasons. From celebrities to common fold, all are going for a nose job. Many specialized surgeons are scattered in India who carry out this surgery. So, before going for it, one must do a thorough check on surgeons and clinics that carry out this very surgery. A typical rhinoplasty surgery in Indore costs between 45000 lakhs to 150000 lakhs.

Nose Surgery After Care

Post-operative care is very important in this surgery. Unnecessary pain and the complications if one tales proper care. Sometimes the after-effects of surgery are quite minimal. If things seem out of hand or confusing then one can go and seek the guidance of a doctor. Nasal surgery is a common surgery.It gives a great cosmetic outcome and also can improve nasal breathing. The success of the surgery lies on the expertise of the surgeon. The best surgeon on earth will not obtain satisfactory results. But the patient too is required to take proper care after the surgery. They must abide by the rules and aftercare procedures given by the surgeon. These days many are going for this very surgery. Thus, the success rate of this very surgery is also very high.

Immediately Following Surgery:

  • An adult should stay with the patient at least the first 24 hours post surgery.
  • Rest is absolutely necessary.
  • You should rest with your head elevated in a recliner.
  • One should not to sleep on the side of ones face rather sleep with the back of your head on the pillow.
  • Take the prescribed pain medications. It is easier to prevent pain than control it.
  • Restrict your activities the day of surgery and few weeks afterwards.
  • It is not unusual to require 10 to 14 days before you are feeling back to normal.
  • If you suddenly sit up or stand from a lying position you are prone to become dizzy. If you are lying down following surgery, make sure you sit for one minute before you stand. These points should be kept in mind. You do not want to incur injuries after the surgery.
  • Packing: A nasal packing is sometimes placed into the nostrils.
  • A small bandage is placed between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip in this packing. mall amount of red-pink serum is to be expected. Just dab it away.
  • A small silicone splint is placed atop the upper two-thirds of the nose when the surgery is over with.
  • After general anesthesia or I.V. sedation, clear liquids can be initially taken.
  • After this one must take care of ones overall diet. Eat healthy so that you recover from the surgery with flying colors.

The First Week After Surgery:

  • Ice: During the day and evening of surgery, cold compresses are used continuously over the nose and eyes. This should be done for a few days. This helps a lot after the surgery is completed.
  • Puffiness: Puffiness or swelling of the eyelids is is seen after the rhinoplasty surgery in Bhopal. If this happens then put a hot cloth on it. Try to get rid of it by gently pressing a sold piece of cloth on it.
  • Bruising: Bruising and discoloration around the eyes may also occur, The colour varies from blue to black. It varies from person to person. So, when you are in doubt go seek a doctor.
  • Nasal Stuffiness: Invariably, there is some nasal stuffiness during the week after surgery. The external edema but it can be removed readily. The application, twice daily, of a small amount of prescription ointment will just do the deed here. So, ask your doctor about the medication.
  • Any crusting that does form can be gently removed with a peroxide dampened Q-tip.
  • Do not use nose drops. Also do not go and poking your nose unnecessarily. It will do more damage than good.
  • Nasal Discharge: For the first few post-operative days, one can expect a small amount pink-colored water nasal discharge. One can get rid of this by the reapplication of a small gauze bandage beneath the nostrils.If things go out of hand they go and seek the counsel of a doctor. Any kind of discharge which appears like blood must be reported immediately.
  • Bleeding on the third, fourth, or fifth day occurs in less cases. First aid for such a rare occurrence is necessary. If in case it happens justlie down and elevate your head. Place cold compress on the nose. This will just do the deed.
  • Pain: Discomfort following rhinoplasty surgery in Raipur is usually limited to a few days in people. In most cases, it is moderate. Severe pain occurs due to facial surgery. But if in case you end up having severe pain then you can take painkillers to relieve the very pain.
  • Nasal Appearance with Cast: During the first week, you may notice that the nasal tip that the slightly is elevated. This is a constant to temporary factor. The splint from the nose is removed towards the end.
  • Exercise: Exercise must be limited during the first week of the surgery.
  • While relaxed ambulation about the home and local shopping is good.
  • But one must avoid heavy lifting and straining activities.
  • You should take utmost care of your nose after the surgery.

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