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(StudyFinds.org) – Quitting smoking is not an easy task, especially when nicotine withdrawal begins. Now, a new study finds that one of the direct side effects of quitting smoking is a craving for junk food. Researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine say they have found a brain link between nicotine addiction and a poor diet.

The study points to the opioid system (a brain function that regulates both addiction and appetite) that causes smokers suffering from nicotine withdrawal to look for high-calorie foods. It’s a vicious circle for those who try to quit. Thirsty for junk food It can lead to weight gain and, as a result, encourage people to return to smoking again.

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“We investigated whether acute nicotine withdrawal increases the intake of salt, fat, and sugar-rich junk foods, and how stress-relieving receptors in the opioid system are involved,” said a senior author. Dr. Mustafa al-Absi explains. D., University release.. “By alleviating these challenges during the course of treatment, patients can quit smoking with an understanding of their diet and encourage healthier decisions.”

If you craving for tobacco, you will eat more fatty foods

The team investigated both smoker and non-smoker groups between the ages of 18 and 75 in two laboratories.Each group participated in a 24-hour withdrawal from nicotine products while taking either placebo or 50 mg naltrexone — the dosing physician prescribes both Alcohol and opioid use disorders.. After each session, researchers offered smokers and nonsmokers a choice of snacks with different levels of salt and fat.

Experiments have shown that smokers suffering from nicotine withdrawal burned more calories than nonsmokers. Participants were also less likely to choose high-fat foods if they took naltrexone during the experiment.

“The results of this study may be related to the use of foods, especially high in calories, to address the negative effects and distress that characterize the emotions people experience while quitting smoking,” explains Al-Absi. “Preclinical and clinical research results support this and stress High-fat and high-sugar foods.. “

Possible medicines for junk food craving

The study also found that naltrexone normalized caloric intake. smoker, Drop them on the same level of non-smokers. The authors of the study state that the results suggest that the opioid system may cause withdrawal-induced calorie craving.

“This is a fairly new discovery in the context of nicotine addiction and has a lot of implications for the development of future therapies,” says Al Absi.

“These findings extend previous studies that show the effects of tobacco use on appetite and help identify the effects of the brain opioid system, an important biological link to craving during nicotine withdrawal,” al’. Absi concludes. “NS Fear of weight gain This is a major concern among smokers who are considering quitting smoking. The key to removing these barriers is a better understanding of the factors that drive the urge to high-calorie foods. “

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The study will be displayed in Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence..

Quitting smoking leads to people eating more junk food, Study Finds Source link Quitting smoking leads to people eating more junk food, Study Finds

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