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The R. Kelly trial is the culmination of decades of accusations, referring to predators hiding in clear sight.

Rumors and claims about the now shameful R & B singer date back almost to the beginning of his career-still he became an artist who filled the chart toppers, Grammy award winners, arenas and collaborated with giant stars. .. At his height, one of the biggest recording acts in the world.

Details of the 1994 Marriage Crimes with Aaliyah, When She Was 15 and 27-Currently explained in detail in public court, a former tour manager to obtain a fake ID to proceed with the ceremony He admits to bribeing officials-always a well-known secret. And in 2002, Kelly was charged with 21 charges of creating obscene images of children. After years of delaying his trial, the singer was acquitted, but the allegations never disappeared.

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R. Kelly “Sues for Sexual Abuse”

Years of allegations have been silenced and erased by industries that want to keep investing and fans who don’t want to believe that Kelly may have committed the alleged crime. His unknown accusation was easily ignored because the world wanted to hear his music.

After all, it was the 2019 documentary series Surviving R. Kelly, which triggered the singer’s trial in New York, and eventually he Convicted of all nine charges Raised against him-one racketeering and eight charges that violated a law prohibiting the transport of people across state boundaries for prostitution.

For journalist and music critic Jim Delogatis, who wrote the first research report on Chicago Sun-Times Kelly in December 2000, details of the allegations against the singer dating back to 1991 have long been awaited.

“When Sun-Times partner Abdon Pallasch made his first research report, I always felt late,” he told Sky News. “It had been going on for nine years already. We didn’t even think when the treatise came out … I thought it would continue in 2021.”

Exactly a year later, De Rogatis was sent an anonymous videotape. “There was a Manila envelope with a VHS cassette,” he says. “Neither has markings,” he says, the content of the tape was horrifying. “26 minutes and 39 seconds showed very clearly that Kelly was in sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl and was urinating in her mouth at some point.”

The tape led to the accusation in 2002 and the postponement of the trial in 2008. However, Kelly was acquitted and continued to prey on the young girl.

“I thought he couldn’t touch me,” says Delogatis. “There was arrogance, self … he silenced the victims with money.” The most shocking thing about this case was the time frame and what Kelly was doing for fame. He says that is how he was allowed to escape.

R. Kelly denies allegations filed against him
R. Kelly was once one of the biggest music stars in the world

“In the meantime, he has sold 100 million albums. [records and songs] He has been a producer for everyone, from Whitney Houston and Celine Dion to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. This was an automated teller machine for the music industry who knew what he was doing and had never actually acted to stop it. “

Delogatis never stopped his report and helped tell the story of 48 different whistleblowers over the last 21 years. But it was Surviving R. Kelly who finally made people listen, he says.

“There were police officers bravely trying to stop his predatory behavior, but Surviving R Kelly took these women to the living rooms of the American people and saw them one after another. Twelve different women appeared on the camera and said, their story. Not all of them can be liars. “

So why did justice take so long?

Kenyette Tisha Barnes, co-founder of the #MuteRKelly movement, was launched in 2017 to call for boycotting the singer’s music and shows and “responsible for those who have kept this action going for a long time.” The answer is simple. : “Because these were young black girls from downtown Chicago.”

She says it takes moves like #MeToo, Time’s Up, and #MuteRKelly to reach this point.

“I was a big fan of R. Kelly many years ago in the 90’s, and I remember that story. I started listening to Aaliyah and other young women. They were always young black girls. .

“I was a black girl. I’m a black woman in this country. And I’ve seen how the entertainment industry, which is our entire community, has been malicious to these young women for years. And it was enough. “

R. Kelly has heard closing arguments in his trial.Photo: Reuters
R. Kelly also faces charges of sexual abuse caused in Illinois and Minnesota-he also pleaded not guilty.

Delogatis agrees that it was a “race issue,” saying: Believed, women are generally unbelievable about stories of sexual abuse. But especially black girls. “

For Kelly, who last released his studio album in 2016, the conviction in New York isn’t the end of his legal affairs. He faces charges of further sexual abuse caused in Illinois and Minnesota-he also pleaded not guilty.

Therefore, as the trial progresses, further allegations against the singer may come. And thanks to this first trial in New York, people who have closed their eyes at best are now well in the spotlight. In the worst case, made him possible.

Prosecuting the singer by extortion means that the prosecutor tried to make him look like a “corporate” leader, and “managers, bodyguards, drivers, personal assistants, runners” all had sex with him. I was involved in recruiting women and girls for the sake of.

Delogatis says there are others to be prosecuted, and Burns agrees that “there is a lot of responsibility to go around” while Kelly was “at the top of the pyramid.”

“Number one, it’s R Kelly,” she says. “Second, it’s the people who made it possible. It was the producers, promoters, runners, and camp people who were more interested in partnering with superstars than actually protecting black girls. ..

“Then go further. It’s a black community. We’re all accomplices. If you’ve played R Kelly’s song, you’re an accomplice. If you’ve seen that videotape, you’re an accomplice. I’m an accomplice. I think. We all have to unravel the reality of allowing this man to move in the most predatory way. “

“The racketeering method is commonly used against mob bosses and drug kingpins,” says Delogatis. “Only one person has been charged. How would you be a criminal company if no one else in the alleged company was held liable?”

R. Kelly was convicted: everyone knew the claim-so why did it take 30 years to get justice? | Ent & Arts News

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