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Rabalais: A year after a stunning upset, Miss. State to set tone for LSU’s season again | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-20 18:10:00 –

Almost a year ago, Sora became timid towards LSU. Mississippi State University boarded Tiger Stadium on September 26, waving the sword of a self-proclaimed pirate and rude and eccentric coach Mike Reach when an air raid attack rolled off the floor of the showroom.

The bulldog didn’t need a beat to get rid of the bug from the new attack. They carved out LSU’s defenses like Holiday Ham. If the memory helps, the state recorded a touchdown before the coin toss. During the demolition work, Bulldog stripped off the invincible veneer still wrapping the LSU program in plastic after the Tigers 15-0 National Championship took place last season.

After a 44-34 defeat to the Bulldog last season, branded with a 632-yard pass, a record for the Southeastern Conference, cowbells of regret and embarrassment are still playing evil music in the Tigers’ ears. It is still almost unbelievable that the self-proclaimed “DBU” LSU, the ancestor of Chinese bandits and the hideout of the honey badger, could have been abused by any team in the air. But that happened. There is a saying, “lie, damned lies, statistics,” but the catastrophic numbers of the day were true.

LSU will host Auburn next weekend at 8 pm. The Southeastern Conference was announced on Monday as part of the kick-off time on October 2nd. The game will air on ESPN.

“We were burned,” LSU coach Ed Olgeron said on Monday in a commendable candid manner. “We couldn’t cover them. There was no answer.”

The answer is that Olgeron, his revamped staff, and the players are still trying to find out.

After stepping on the back pedal from the west coast, LSU got off to a good start with a 38-27 defeat to UCLA. (The Bruins were so energized by the LSU victory that they took a week off to pose for some selfies and then became “Pffft!” With a 40-37 defeat to Fresno.)

The Tigers’ defense defeated McNeese State University 34-7, unleashing the furious Pass Rush. And the pass game showed in a yard tone like 400 air raids with a 49-21 victory over Central Michigan on Saturday.

Nice little prizes, both of which allow you to play big item packages on stage, like the “Price is Right” appetizer. But this Saturday game at Starkville (11:00 am, ESPN) is a showcase showdown. The Tigers are eager to sprint from the conference gate instead of stumbling like the complex season of last year’s COVID-19.

“It’s very important,” Orgelon said about getting off to a victorious SEC start. “There is no room for error. I knew I was going to the last game (against CMU), but this game is the same.”

Did the Tigers sort out some of their early problems? Yes. Without a doubt. Offense coordinator Jake Petes set the offense on the path to a faster tempo while trying to check for the perfect call as the play clock was ticking. The Pass Rush was once again top notch — the Tigers added five sack to Chipevas, leading the nation in both total sack (19) and sack per game (6.33).

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Coach Ed Olgeron said Monday that LSU defendant Andre Anthony was injured at the end of the season. Orgelon did not reveal the nature of the injury.

Defensive end senior and top shelf leader Andre Anthony’s left knee injury at the end of the season was a big blow. But on Monday, Olgeron talked about compensating by sliding freshman Marson Smith to the end and creating a rotation with him. Ali Gay and BJ Ojurari on the injured list. A terrifying trio.

A nasty problem remains. The games running are still rumored: the Tigers are tied at 120th place nationwide with 85.7 ground yards per game (the state is actually 130th and finally 45.3ypg). And the talented secondary is still plagued by a huge coverage bust. Space as large as Saturday’s Tanghi Pahoa Parish was between LSU’s Major Burns and CMU receiver Jacoly Sullivan at a 78-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter.

“Yes, we believe we have different answers and different defenses,” said Coach O. “But I didn’t answer my first challenge to UCLA. I didn’t play very well. It’s a little better, but there’s a lot I have to keep fixing where I’ll be challenged this Saturday.”

In other words, the Reach attack plays, formations and schemes used to stun the LSU last September are waiting to afflict the Tigers again this week.

BJ Ojulari has the most sack in the country.

“Cross routes, wheel routes and pick routes (everything we saw last year) can be seen again in the movie,” said Olgeron. “They are very good at it.”

Being a very good team is what LSU is chasing, like a crossroads route. Whether LSU can reach that goal depends largely on Saturday’s results. Again, the Mississippi State University match is in good shape for the season.

Coach O said there was “a sense of urgency” to defeat the LSU in 2020 and solve the problems that plagued the Tigers in 2021. Just as LSU definitely has a more talented roster, there is little doubt about it.

The question is whether the Tigers are really ready to be better than they were nine months ago.

Rabalais: A year after a stunning upset, Miss. State to set tone for LSU’s season again | LSU Source link Rabalais: A year after a stunning upset, Miss. State to set tone for LSU’s season again | LSU

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