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Rabalais: Questions, answers on the potential SEC expansion with Texas and Oklahoma | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Do you have questions about the potential expansion of the Southeastern Conference, including Texas and Oklahoma? Your friendly neighborhood sports columnist has at least some answers:

How likely is an expansion to occur?

Texas and Oklahoma politics can be tenacious, but quite possible. Oklahoma has strong allies, as do Baylor, Texas Tech, and TCU, and don’t want to see schools left behind.

What does the SEC need to grow?

The CEOs of the conference (President and Prime Minister) must vote by a three-quarter difference to approve the expansion. With the current 14-member SEC, that means voting for at least 11 schools.

Does LSU support expansion?

There are no signs that LSU is against it. At this point, the general expectation is that Texas A & M is the only supporter and the expansion will be approved with a minimum of 13 to 1 vote. And even Aggies may be strongly armed to vote in favor, at least to create a unified frontline look.

Why do Texas and Oklahoma want to leave the Big 12?

UT and OU are probably seeing SEC’s new TV deal with ESPN and its network coming online in 2024. That deal is also worth more than the next TV deal that the Big 12 will make, even on Texas Longhorn Network (more on that later). The SEC will reportedly acquire $ 300 million annually and more than 10 years, compared to its current transaction with CBS and ESPN worth $ 55 million annually. If the SEC adds Texas and Oklahoma, the upcoming ESPN deal will likely be more valuable. In addition, UT and OU are the best annual games for each other on schedule. A neutral sight game in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Ticket sales will be easier if LSU, Auburn and Georgia visit Austin and Norman on a regular basis.

How soon does this happen?

Several media outlets reported on Friday that UT and OU could announce that they would leave the Big 12 this weekend. An announcement about where they will go will come later. When to Jump: Both schools will have to pay a $ 70 million penalty to leave the Big 12 by 2025. SEC.

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Speaking of Aggie, they … sound moody, right?

a little. Ross Bjork, Texas A & M’s athletic director, spoke at SEC Media Days Wednesday, clearly stating that his school wants to be the only SEC member from Texas. A & M isn’t happy at first, but it’s much easier to fill 102,733 seats in Kyle Field when Longhorns and Snurs call in than to play in South Carolina or Kentucky. And the SEC will get another salty blood battle between Texas and Texas A & M.

Can Texas maintain a longhorn network?

It is impossible to imagine what is happening. The SEC has long been proud of its equal revenue sharing. Vanderbilt and Mississippi have the same pie share as LSU and Tennessee. I’m sure that’s what UT and OU were said in advance.

What does expansion mean for the SEC Football Division and Scheduling?

No one really knows. However, it will be a great opportunity to change department coordination and / or schedule. I read the proposals (including this column) for two eight team divisions, with UT and OU joining the west and Missouri, Alabama and Auburn moving east. Writer Dennis Dodd said Thursday that he believed that a competitive balance was more important than two-part geography, and slightly opposed it. Other proposals include a four-team division or “pod” that is very similar to the NFL division. That probably means that the SEC Championship Game will win the team with the two best records. Can a permanent cross-departmental opponent leave in favor of non-departmental or non-pod rotation? At this point we can only guess, but it can be a blank slate.

Won’t two traditional forces like Texas and Oklahoma make it harder to beat the SEC?

Of course, however, the strength of College Football’s first super conference will make it easier to participate in the College Football Playoffs. As Dodd speculated, if the CFP expanded to 12 teams as suggested, 6 of them could come from the SEC on a regular basis. In that case, it would be much more palatable to finish in 3rd place in the west, if it means that the LSU still has a playoff date for the first round with Oregon, for example.

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