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Rabalais: While LSU seeks a winning baseball coach, it must find one with a good reputation | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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When looking for a new LSU baseball coach, the only thing that is certain at the end of Wednesday is that athletic director Scott Woodward will offend a faction whoever chooses to replace Paul Mainieri.

There is a crowd who likes former LSU catcher / assistant and olemis coach Mike Bianco. Some delegations believe they haven’t done enough to justify this work in Oxford (one College World Series in 21 seasons).

There is a group that likes East Carolina coaches and former LSU assistant Cliff Godwin. Some groups don’t think he’s done enough to deserve one of the most fascinating posts in college baseball.

Some people want the LSU to rock the fence for Louisville coach Dan McDonnell. Dan McDonnell, surprisingly frankly, publicly said that LSU would be happy to hear when he called. As the late LSU football coach Bill Arnsparger said a few months before he left to become Florida’s athletic director, “What’s wrong with talking?” When talking about McDonnell, he talked about Louisville. I made it a winner, but I haven’t won the CWS title yet.

Some want to roll the dice on LSU and go with the young and up-and-coming Tony Vitello. Vitello volunteers had just retired Mainieri in a super-regional sweep in Knoxville, where I began to doubt a bit of recent prejudice. And many are worried that Vitello hasn’t proved to be a one-hit wonder or more, and / or doesn’t like the attitude of him or his team.

LSU baseball fans are anxious to find someone to somehow recover from the glorious days of the Skipbertman era, giving the program five CWS titles in 10 years, but two in coaching search. I’m finding the truth. First, not all candidates are eager to leave the place that made them such a hot ticket in the first place. And second, there is no perfect candidate. Everyone has their own problems and limitations.

Choosing a winner is, but not the only, top priority requirement facing Woodward. LSU’s current coaching search is also narrowed down or perhaps clarified by several other factors.

LSU has focused its search for new baseball coaches on Olemis coach Mike Bianco and East Carolina coach Cliff Godwin. Times Pikayun.

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The phrase “winning isn’t everything, it’s all” doesn’t apply to this search. It’s not when LSU, as both a school and an athletic program, is trying to pull itself out of the toxic clouds of sexual harassment and battery scandals that have plagued the place for months. In short, integrity is a key factor in who the LSU ultimately brings.

Former Kansas athletic director Jeff Long hasn’t scrutinized properly when he hired former LSU football coach Les Miles in 2018, or saw allegations of improper behavior with schoolgirls when Miles was at LSU. I was just sick. Former athletic director Joe Arewa led Miles to advise the two school principals that they could and should be fired in 2013 and 2015.

You can forever discuss what Long did or should have known about Miles. There is no doubt about the long employment cost of his work at KU.

LSU can’t afford that type of scandal that tracks people landing for a baseball coaching job, like those with a stream of toilet paper sticking to their shoes. You need someone who not only can win, but also has a reputation beyond blame.

This is a difficult task for Woodward. And there are always challenges. Women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey was overwhelmingly popular, but there are still critics who bring up the comments she made in Baylor following a similar scandal in Baylor. It was criticized that Marquee and LSU could easily hurdle, but it was there.

Does that mean LSU ends up with less attractive hires than Marquee? Don’t forget to complain about souvenir beer cups with some of the most demanding fan base.

Probably. But that’s very likely. LSU may not be able to land the perfect candidate in terms of field performance. However, when it comes to off-field action, you need to land as close to perfection as possible.

The word “the right person for the job” probably has a deeper meaning than ever before. I’m sure it won’t be lost in Woodward, his staff, or the management of LSU.

Rabalais: While LSU seeks a winning baseball coach, it must find one with a good reputation | LSU Source link Rabalais: While LSU seeks a winning baseball coach, it must find one with a good reputation | LSU

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